Playing Your Game, Baby

So I decided to do a little splurge for this pregnancy. Probably the first of many.

Remember this?

bellybudscollagelogoweb bellybuds_inuse12-737x1024

Well, I decided to get them. You’re probably wondering why in the hell did I decide to spend $50 on bellybuds instead of getting regular headphones and placing them on my tummy? Well, I wanted the option of walking around with the buds without trying to hold up a pair of headphones and plus, I had my eye on the bellybuds for a minute. With Ethan, I played it way too safe. With Yoda, I might be going full retard.

So the package was due to come in on June 13th, 18 months since Ethan went to heaven. Yeah, I was not feeling that date. I was not feeling receiving a lighthearted package on such a bittersweet date. Luckily for me, God (and fate) decided I needed that package sooner and they came in on the 11th. Whew!

photo (19)

It came with an option to record our voices and play it back for Yoda. We haven’t been able to do that yet but we will soon. We did play Yoda his first-ever song:

A little different from Ethan’s first song:

Come to think about it, maybe Keith Sweat wasn’t the right choice. Not necessarily the song, but the title.

M and I are coming up with a playlist for Yoda. We plan to have Barry White, Guns N’ Roses, Bob Marley, Mariah Carey, daft punk,  Ohio Players, Iron Maiden, Gap Band, and Luther Vandross for starters. Probably some Ice Cube thrown in there for good measure. I do want some Miles Davis added in and some B. B. King. Our baby boy is going to grow up in a very eclectic musical household.


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