Keep It In The Closet



Over the past several weeks, Maks and I have gone back and forth on whether we wanted to find out the sex of Yoda. I wanted to find out because it’ll be easier for the registry. Well, registries since there’s more than one. I think I’m at three now and I’m not sure if I started one at Babies R Us. Wait a minute, am I at three registries? Let’s see there’s Amazon, and there’s Target. Oh yes, I was planning to do one at Wal-Mart and one at Babies R Us. Okay, so I’ll have four eventually. Meh. Four is a good number.

I’m getting beside myself here. So we kept going back and forth on whether we wanted to find out at the 20-week ultrasound. I was big on yes for the nonsensical paragraph I just written above. Maks wasn’t too sure, though. He wanted to find out but he also didn’t. With Ethan, we found out at his 4-D ultrasound because he wouldn’t spread his legs at the regular appointment. I knew my kid took after his mama…stubborn!

Well, tonight I just thought…what really is the big deal that we’re going to find out before Yoda arrives? Yoda’s baby shower won’t be until after he/she arrives, anyway. Most of the clothing I have on the registries are gender-neutral and not the typical yellows, purples, or greens.

So yep, we’re officially Team Green. We are taking suggestions for baby names. If you want to participate, we do have a couple of guidelines:

For Girl: Russian First Name, American Middle Name

For Boy: American First Name, Russian Middle Name

I’ll update the next post on my last prenatal visit last week since I had to go in for an emergency (everything’s fine now) but there is just one Yoda. I’m happy but a little ticked. I’m so freakin’ big from the bloat and water retention, I could’ve sworn there were twins in here! I am thankful and blessed that I have one healthy baby. That’s all that matters.


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