Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger


It’s been a while since I’ve updated on the health front. Truth to be told, I’ve just been too exhausted to update. If I’m not sleeping, I’m trying to sleep. I can go to bed at one in the morning and wake up like it’s nothing five hours later. Needless to say, I’ve been taking a lot of much-needed naps. In fact, I took one today. I was planning to go out today with Maks and instead, I stayed home because my eyes couldn’t stay open. I think it had something to do with walking five miles yesterday.

Anyway, I had an emergency appointment with my MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor, the one that may or may not do my cerclage…more on that later) because I had unexplained bleeding for a week. It wasn’t a lot of bleeding, but spotting and it only happened first thing in the morning. Alarmed, I went to see if everything was okay with Yoda. Turns out Yoda is fine but my insides are having a war.


Let’s see I have an ovarian cyst (which I did know about) and fibroids (which I also knew about). The fibroids, there are about six total, and the biggest one is the size of two fingertips. So the good news is that they’re very small…for now. My MFM wasn’t too keen on either health situation for obvious reasons. We’re pretty waiting for the cyst to dissolve on its own and we just have to carefully monitor the fibroids. Luckily for me, if I eat a ton of fiber and drink a ton of water, that tends to take care of them. I was prescribed magnesium oxide because I had a very, very uncomfortable bowel movement about several weeks ago and yeah…that was probably one of the worst body moments of my life. Can you say crowning?

I haven’t had the need to take the prescription because I just bought some shredded mini-wheats and well, that cereal has been working like a freakin’ charm. TMI, I went three times already today. Finally back in business.

If only I could look as cool as Millie Jackson when I’m having a bowel movement…

Yesterday, I had my regular appointment with my OB. Yoda is measuring a little behind, about five days. My OB isn’t too concerned, though. He said he won’t get an accurate reading on Yoda and my due date until I’m around 10-12 weeks, so hopefully around the next appointment, I’ll finally know when to expect Yoda.

So yeah…about that cerclage…

I got my cervix measured (TWICE!) by my MFM. It’s measuring long and fine aka normal. However, both my MFM and my OB aren’t taking any chances and I still have my cerclage scheduled for the middle of May. I still have my appointment with Dr. Davis in NJ, though my OB and MFM are convinced if I get a cerclage here, it’ll be just as fine (not too sure about their confidence). The one they want me to have is the Shirodkar cerclage, which is a step down from the TVCIC I wanted to get (and Dr. Davis would perform) but most importantly, it’s a step above the McDonald cerclage, which I have no faith in.

Should I choose to go locally, I’ll get my cerclage around 14 weeks. Should I choose to go to Dr. Davis, I’ll get my cerclage around 12 weeks. Since I’m almost 10 weeks (according to LMP), I really don’t have much time to decide. I would need to cancel with Dr. Davis soon if I stay here.

Decisions, decisions.

In a few weeks, I’ll start posting pictures of me so you all can see what I look like. Well, most of my friends who have access to this blog already do but for those who don’t know me, I’m sure you would like to know I’m a real person. I am. A robot can’t ramble the way I do.



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