You Might Want To Try These Vegan Fajitas

Originally I was going to make vegan tacos but I figured I already made those. And plus, I needed blog material for the week (smile!)

But Google has been my longtime friend and we never fight so I figured it was have a suggestion for me.

Enter vegan fajitas.

Now here’s the end product but let’s take it step-by-step on how it got there…


I chose four bell peppers, though I only used three for this recipe. I didn’t use onions because again, I was originally going to make vegan tacos.


Tip: the more colors you use in your food, the better and the healthier. I try to aim for at least three colors.


The portobello mushroom. I rinsed it off just for safe keeping before I cooked it in the iron-cast skillet. In hindsight, I should’ve used more because this recipe was slammin’!


All of the spices – cumin seed, red pepper flakes, sea salt, pepper, chili pepper, and smoked paprika.


I cooked the bell peppers in olive oil.



Next, I removed the peppers and cooked the mushrooms in olive oil and add the spices to them.


Once the mushrooms are nice and soft, I added the peppers to the mushrooms.


Finished product:


Isn’t that so beautiful?

And finally on the tortillas:


Not the prettiest, but damnit, it was delish!

The full recipe is here.

What’s your favorite vegan portobello mushroom recipe?




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