Sweet Potato Soup

So, originally I was going to make a ton of sweet potato pies for Thanksgiving. It didn’t pan out but I had about three big-ass sweet potatoes I needed to get rid of. I’ve been meaning to try sweet potato soup for a while and well, what better time than the present, right?


Now, there are a ton of sweet potato recipes out there. I think my count was like, 10. They all have various ways of cooking the dish. My route was a long and arduous, LOL. (I boiled the potatoes before I pureed them.) However, it still came out excellent.

Now, if you never had sweet potatoes on their own, they’re surprisingly tart. The recipe I used called for honey and chicken broth (I didn’t use chicken broth but a substitute of water and butter).

However…for my vegan followers…

I did find this gem and I must say I wished I tried this one instead! Maybe next time!


It was a great recipe for the colder winter months here and something to spice up our palates. Hubby liked it a lot!

Last night’s dinner of honey-soy salmon, roasted brussels sprouts, and the sweet potato soup.

Give it a try! Let me know which recipe or other recipe you used!


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