The Best High-End Co-Wash You’ll Need


I think I’m forever searching for the best cowashing conditioner that suits both my hair and Bear’s. Bear has super curly Type 3 hair and I bounce between Type 4A and 4B, with some dabbles in 4C.

Keeping Bear’s hair moisturized and conditioned is an Olympic sport within itself. Not that it’s always been easy but when he becomes more active, well, I also become more active in keeping his head clean.

I was at my local Blue Mercury when I stumbled on Bumble & Bumble. I’ve heard of the brand but never thought about trying it. And I can see why – at $34 a bottle, Bumble & Bumble is not a brand one can spend a little money on. It’s also not a brand one will want to spend money on a lot if it doesn’t work.

The Curl Custom Conditioner claims it can be used three ways: as a leave-in, rinse out, or as a co-wash. Most conditioners can only one of those, yet BB was claiming it can do all three?


I was willing to give it a chance. I figured, if it didn’t work, well, that’ll be the last time I’ll be spending close to $40 for a bottle of cowash. If it did work, however, I will have to figure out $40 a bottle into my budget.

Bumble & Bumble claims the Curl Custom Conditioner can work on all hair types. I’m always weary when companies say that because 99% of the time, they mean only color-treated or curly hair. They don’t include coily, Type 4 hair in that.


Still, I was willing to give it a shot. Of course, I always have to try it on my guinea pig, Bear. I figured if it doesn’t work on his hair, it’s probably not going to work on mine.

And I’m sooooooo glad it worked on his hair!


It really made his curls pop.

Here’s another look:


All of that definition, yo.

You’re probably wondering how it looked on my hair?


It really wasn’t my intention to look all shocked and serious, and yes, I know I need to smile more. But the purpose was to showcase my hair. The conditioner also made my curls pop and kept it very moisturized throughout the day and next. I’m a new fan.

Now we know the player, how did they score?


  • It works. Point. Blank.
  • Bumble & Bumble is a trusted brand.
  • It’s available at Blue Mercury, Ulta, Sephora, and online at the Bumble & Bumble store. Some hair salons and beauty supply stores might also carry the brand.


  • It’s hella expensive, y’all. $34 a bottle and if you have a lot of hair? Whew, chile.

Overall, I do recommend it, however, you will probably need to buy a couple of bottles at a time. So, be prepared to spend close to $70 dollars.


Shea Moisture Curly Hair Demo!

Hey Fam,

I know it’s been about a minute since Bear and I have done one of these videos but hey, this was super fun to do! In this video, we used the vast majority of Shea Moisture products (as we are Shea Moisture brand ambassadors 2018).

We used the Coconut & Hibiscus Detangler, and the Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Cream. I washed Bear’s hair with the Fragrance-Free Shampoo & Body Wash and used Curly Kids (Not Shea Moisture) for a deep conditioning.

I like doing this videos not only to show how to care for your child’s curly hair but also if you have curly hair, it might help!

So, check out the video! Let me know what you think!

Natural Hair Care Review: Eva NYC


Disclaimer: I received a complimentary sample of Eva NYC on behalf of Influenster. All opinions are mine. 

Whenever I hear about a hair company that brags that their product is for all hair types, I’m skeptical. Let’s face it, Type 4 hair isn’t the same manageability as Type 2 or Type 3. Thick, coarse, and textured are usually the descriptions that come to mind.

So, when Eva NYC claimed they could cleanse and moisturize all hair types, well, I was up for the not-so Pepsi challenge.

Let’s start this review with the actual products themselves.

First, the shampoo and conditioner smells clean. There’s a bit of a flowery fragrance but not too hard on your nose. The shampoo does lather well and the conditioner has great slip. Based on that, I think this is a great product.

Of course, the proof is in the pudding. How did it look on hubby’s Type 2 hair?


Very nice and clean! He liked it and had no issues.

Now what about Bear’s Type 3 hair?


It cleaned his hair very well and brought out more of his curls! (I’ll do a follow-up review on Curls blueberry leave-in conditioner.)

Now for the biggest test, my hair:


The shampoo cleaned well, however, this product does have silicones and it made my hair feel waxy.  The conditioner had great slip, though.

So, what’s the final review?


  • It’s affordable. I found it on Amazon for $9.00 each. It’s also available at Ulta.
  • For Type 2 and 3 hair, the shampoo cleans very well.
  • The conditioner has great slip for all hair types.
  • It’s easy on the nose.


  • It contains silicones so if you have Type 4 hair, it might make your hair feel waxy.
  • You might use a lot more conditioner and shampoo if you have a lot of hair.

Final Thought:

I do recommend this! So, go pick up a bottle!

DevaCurl No-Poo Product Review!


I recently tried the DevaCurl No-Poo cleansing conditioner on Bear. I tried it on my hair before (for a refresher, click here), so it was time to do it on Bear’s hair.


  • It cleans very well.
  • DevaCurl is a strong brand.
  • It has a lot of slip.
  • It is heaven for those with Type 3 hair.


  • It’s super expensive! My little 3 oz bottle cost $10.
  • If you have a sensitive nose, you probably won’t like this. The smell annoyed me.
  • I didn’t think it had any impact on my Type 4 hair.

If you have Type 3 hair, I highly recommend this. If you have Type 4 hair, buyer beware. Again, it had no impact on my hair but you might have different results.


Product Review Week – Natural Hair Care Edition

Hello! And I’m back with another review of some of the hair care products I’ve tried over the year. Since I have a few, I’m going to make this as condense as possible. This time I’m reviewing creams, custards, and leave-ins.

Let’s get started!

Aunt Jackie’s Quench!


At first, I wasn’t a fan of this product. It smelled pretty sweet and I wasn’t a fan of the consistency on my hair (putting it on sounded like crumpling a paper into a ball). After a while, my hair adjusted to it and well, loved it!



  • Affordable. I paid around $8.95 for this.
  • Aunt Jackie’s is relatively new but respectable brand.
  • Great for Type 4 hair. I didn’t try it on Bear’s hair (type 3).
  • Kept my hair moisturized all day.


  • Smells pretty sweet. If you have a sensitive nose, this might be annoying.
  • Not available everywhere. I found it at my local beauty supply but I’ve seen it available mostly at, Amazon, and
  • Takes a while to dry. It goes on white but dries clear.

Overall, I do recommend it.


Soultanicals Fluff-A-Licious

Honestly, my jury is still out on this. I bought it because of the rave reviews and I’ve only used it less than five times because I just wasn’t sold on it. Now as you can tell by the pics below, my curls did pop but I don’t know…I just wasn’t feeling it. I guess I wasn’t in love though it’s good for me (ladies, does that sound familiar?)

As always, just because I don’t like it, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad product; it just wasn’t for me.


  • It was easy to apply; not a lot of mess.
  • Doesn’t smell too sweet.
  • Kept my hair moisturized for most of the day.


  • The consistency could be a little lumpy and maybe off-putting for some.
  • It goes on white and dries clear, though if you put too much on, it’ll leave a bit of a mess.
  • Hair started drying up towards end of the day.
  • A little pricey. I paid around $16.95.
  • Not widely available. I found this on and

Again, my jury is still out. If I had to make a decision, yes, I do recommend it.

Dove Leave-In Detangler



I purchased this for Bear and again, my jury is still out. While it did curl his hair up nicely, there was some frizz I wasn’t a fan of (and you can tell in the picture). Still, I won’t give up on this quite yet. It had little to no effect to my Type 4 hair.



  • Affordable. I paid $5.99 for this.
  • Dove is a strong brand.
  • Great for curly hair (Type 3)
  • Available pretty much everywhere.


  • Not recommended for Type 4 hair.
  • You have to use a lot to have the desired effect; this might potentially affect your wallet in the long run.
  • Hair can still frizz up.

Overall, I recommend this if you have Type 3 hair. I do not recommend this for Type 4.

Thank you for visiting the hair leave-ins, creams, and detangles edition of Product Review week. I know I’m late on posting so thank you for being so patient. I have one more product review post coming up and that’s makeup!