Product Review Week!

Hello Family!

This week kicks off the long-awaited product review week (that I was supposed to do last week but life happens). I’ll be reviewing hair, makeup, household, and toddler products. Without further ado, let’s jump right in it!

Hair review

Over the past several months, I’ve tried a variety of different products for my hair and Bear’s. I’ll separate the products into different posts so you don’t get confused by all of it at once. I’ll also separate by hair product – detangler, cowash, shampoo/conditioner, moisturizer/creme

Head and Shoulders co-wash.


I have to say this is, by far, one of the best co-washes EVER. PERIOD. END OF STORY. I was quite surprised by how good it is but the people over at Head & Shoulders know their stuff!


Creamy and thick. Easily spreadable and you don’t have to use a whole lot. It does last for a while. (If you wash twice a week, it’ll last at least 4-6 weeks depending on your hair length and routine.)


Light and fragrant. Not too much. It’s perfect for toddlers and kids and those who have sensitive noses.


It varies. I’ve seen it as long as $4.95 and as high as $8.95. I also couldn’t find it anywhere but online yet.



I use it as a typical co-wash. Sometimes I use it as a part of my wash n’ go and sometimes I use it just to wash.


I have Type 4 hair.

And Bear’s:

Bear has Type 2C/3A hair. It really worked wonders on his hair type so for all you Type 3 curls, this is something you should invest in!

Let’s review:


  • Head and Shoulders is a strong brand.
  • Not too fragrant.
  • Has great slip.
  • Leaves hair super soft and manageable.
  • Great for ALL hair types.


  • Hard to find outside of online.
  • Price varies.

Overall, I do recommend Head and Shoulders cowash.

To purchase, click here



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