Natural Hair Care Review: Eva NYC


Disclaimer: I received a complimentary sample of Eva NYC on behalf of Influenster. All opinions are mine. 

Whenever I hear about a hair company that brags that their product is for all hair types, I’m skeptical. Let’s face it, Type 4 hair isn’t the same manageability as Type 2 or Type 3. Thick, coarse, and textured are usually the descriptions that come to mind.

So, when Eva NYC claimed they could cleanse and moisturize all hair types, well, I was up for the not-so Pepsi challenge.

Let’s start this review with the actual products themselves.

First, the shampoo and conditioner smells clean. There’s a bit of a flowery fragrance but not too hard on your nose. The shampoo does lather well and the conditioner has great slip. Based on that, I think this is a great product.

Of course, the proof is in the pudding. How did it look on hubby’s Type 2 hair?


Very nice and clean! He liked it and had no issues.

Now what about Bear’s Type 3 hair?


It cleaned his hair very well and brought out more of his curls! (I’ll do a follow-up review on Curls blueberry leave-in conditioner.)

Now for the biggest test, my hair:


The shampoo cleaned well, however, this product does have silicones and it made my hair feel waxy.  The conditioner had great slip, though.

So, what’s the final review?


  • It’s affordable. I found it on Amazon for $9.00 each. It’s also available at Ulta.
  • For Type 2 and 3 hair, the shampoo cleans very well.
  • The conditioner has great slip for all hair types.
  • It’s easy on the nose.


  • It contains silicones so if you have Type 4 hair, it might make your hair feel waxy.
  • You might use a lot more conditioner and shampoo if you have a lot of hair.

Final Thought:

I do recommend this! So, go pick up a bottle!


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