Product Review Week – Natural Hair Care Edition

Hello! And I’m back with another review of some of the hair care products I’ve tried over the year. Since I have a few, I’m going to make this as condense as possible. This time I’m reviewing creams, custards, and leave-ins.

Let’s get started!

Aunt Jackie’s Quench!


At first, I wasn’t a fan of this product. It smelled pretty sweet and I wasn’t a fan of the consistency on my hair (putting it on sounded like crumpling a paper into a ball). After a while, my hair adjusted to it and well, loved it!



  • Affordable. I paid around $8.95 for this.
  • Aunt Jackie’s is relatively new but respectable brand.
  • Great for Type 4 hair. I didn’t try it on Bear’s hair (type 3).
  • Kept my hair moisturized all day.


  • Smells pretty sweet. If you have a sensitive nose, this might be annoying.
  • Not available everywhere. I found it at my local beauty supply but I’ve seen it available mostly at, Amazon, and
  • Takes a while to dry. It goes on white but dries clear.

Overall, I do recommend it.


Soultanicals Fluff-A-Licious

Honestly, my jury is still out on this. I bought it because of the rave reviews and I’ve only used it less than five times because I just wasn’t sold on it. Now as you can tell by the pics below, my curls did pop but I don’t know…I just wasn’t feeling it. I guess I wasn’t in love though it’s good for me (ladies, does that sound familiar?)

As always, just because I don’t like it, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad product; it just wasn’t for me.


  • It was easy to apply; not a lot of mess.
  • Doesn’t smell too sweet.
  • Kept my hair moisturized for most of the day.


  • The consistency could be a little lumpy and maybe off-putting for some.
  • It goes on white and dries clear, though if you put too much on, it’ll leave a bit of a mess.
  • Hair started drying up towards end of the day.
  • A little pricey. I paid around $16.95.
  • Not widely available. I found this on and

Again, my jury is still out. If I had to make a decision, yes, I do recommend it.

Dove Leave-In Detangler



I purchased this for Bear and again, my jury is still out. While it did curl his hair up nicely, there was some frizz I wasn’t a fan of (and you can tell in the picture). Still, I won’t give up on this quite yet. It had little to no effect to my Type 4 hair.



  • Affordable. I paid $5.99 for this.
  • Dove is a strong brand.
  • Great for curly hair (Type 3)
  • Available pretty much everywhere.


  • Not recommended for Type 4 hair.
  • You have to use a lot to have the desired effect; this might potentially affect your wallet in the long run.
  • Hair can still frizz up.

Overall, I recommend this if you have Type 3 hair. I do not recommend this for Type 4.

Thank you for visiting the hair leave-ins, creams, and detangles edition of Product Review week. I know I’m late on posting so thank you for being so patient. I have one more product review post coming up and that’s makeup!









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