Issa Garden Update!

My little garden that could is coming along nicely. So, let’s check out what Mother Nature (and numerous bees) have helped me.

Because I have so many plants in my garden, I’m going to break down this post into four parts – succulents, edible plants, fragrant plants,  and tree. Yes, just one tree.



I recently purchased succulent plant food (and honestly, I had no idea it existed nor was it something that succulents needed), and I think it did the trick. The first picture are two many succulents I purchased within the last few months. Bear picked out the slightly funky one and while it wasn’t my first choice, it ended up being the best choice. Two more succulents flourished! How about that? Kids sometimes know best.

Edible Plants:


My bell pepper plants have just sprouted! I HAVE MY FIRST BELL PEPPER! I’m just so proud. This plant in particular, was on the verge of dying so I’m really stoked that I saved it and it’s flourishing.


I might need to move my strawberry plant. It’s behind my monstrous tomato plant and I’m afraid she’s not getting enough nutrients and water because of the tomato plant. But I’m also afraid if I move her, she’ll die. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Why, yes, this is the tomato plant. It was small and now it’s pretty huge. I have to get a cage to contain it. I hope these tomatoes are delicious!


Beside the tomato plant is a little sprouting of green onions. I just hope these survive because this is my second attempt!

Fragrant Plants:


According to Dr. Google, this type of lavender is french. There are several types of lavender and they all serve different purposes (yeah, I didn’t know that neither). It won’t be as fragrant as the other lavenders, but I can use the growing rosemary along with it to make soaps and oils. I personally plan to burn it like incense or white sage, so we’ll see how that works.


The above planter are my daisies. I just love how pink they are in contrast to how yellow the planter is. On the bottom are my calendulas I picked up from Whole Foods. Apparently, I’ll be able to eat those calendulas or use them for tea. We’ll see. I’ve never eaten a flower I’ve grown so this is will be interesting. I should also have poison control on standby.

Orange Tree:


My little orange tree that could. When we first moved in, we inherited the tree from the owners, who told us it was there when they purchased it. At first I was really bummed because of orange tree envy. My tree only had one orange while everyone else’s had a full bloom! Over time, a few more grew but still, not enough.

I did pick up these spikes and put some plant food at the base. I also regularly watered it and I think I’m starting to get some bubs going. I hope to see a lot more fruit within the next few months. I would love to stop buying orange juice at the store and just make some at home!

This my garden update! Do you have any tips for my tomato plant? I really don’t know what to do?!



2 thoughts on “Issa Garden Update!

  1. I’m not sure if you should move it or not, but is that a flower on your strawberry plant? You might be getting your first strawberry soon if it is.


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