Product Review: Shea Moisture Baby Box


A few weeks I received my latest Shea Moisture box and I have to say I liked this box a bit more than other ones. Now, it’s not to say the other boxes weren’t great, but I felt this one was more catered to having a small child in my care, than a baby. I also found a lot of great uses for it as an adult!

Enough babbling, let’s review each product:


Raw Shea & Argan Oil Baby Wipes

Here’s a tip for the new mothers out there – you won’t stop using baby wipes when your kid is out of diapers. In fact, you won’t stop using wipes well, until forever, honestly, LOL.

I love these wipes because they’re not heavily scented nor are they so cheap and flimsy, they don’t do anything. Plus, they smell great!

Bottom Line: I recommend these joints.


Raw Shea & Argan Oil Baby Lotion

I like this lotion a lot because of the smell. I have a super sensitive nose (a permanent side effect of pregnancy) and I really can’t stand to wear or be around anything too heavy. This lotion is perfect because not only does it work wonders on my dry skin but it keeps it nice and supple. Bear loves it as well because it’s not too heavy on his skin and it doesn’t clog his nose with a fragrance he can’t shake.

Bottom Line: I recommend this for both babies and adults. I really think the mothers would love this!

Raw Shea Chamomile & Argan Oil All Purpose Diaper Ointment


You’re probably wondering how can I be using diaper cream still since Bear’s out of diapers? Well, there are other uses for it! I personally like using this as a temporary relief for my chapped lips (no, I don’t carry the whole thing. I put it on before I go to bed and a little goes a long way!).

I also use the ointment to treat scrapes and burns, as well as smooth my feet before I put socks on them (a not-so secret to keep your feet smooth), and my elbows. Try it!

Bottom Line: Even if you don’t have a baby, this is something you should have in your medicine cabinet.


Marshmallow Root & Blueberry Kids 2-in-1 Body Wash and Lotion

I’m going to keep it one hundred…I was a little confused on how something can be both a body wash and lotion at the same time. You see, I have dry skin otherwise known as being ashy in the black community. If I don’t lotion my feet, it looks like I was playing kickball with flour. I may be medium skin toned but trust, you can still see the Ashy Larry within me.


I tried it on Bear and it had a bit of lather. I personally like soaps/body washes with lather because one, I like to see the suds, but also two, I want to see the dirt coming off Bear in those suds.

This soap didn’t have any suds (after all, it is part-lotion) so my jury is still out on well it cleans. It smells wonderful and it has the right fragrance for sensitive noses for small and big alike.

Bottom Line: Not sure about this one personally, but try it if you want to do something different.

Overall, I liked this newest box. This was definitely my favorite out of the three so far.

What’s your favorite Shea Moisture product?



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