What You Not Gon’ Do is Have Oprah Run for President

Honestly, y’all ain’t gon’ do that to the Queen.

As I watched her Golden Globes speech last night, I was enthralled. I was hyped. I had tears in my eyes. It was powerful. It was awe-inspiring. It was everything.

And of course, the internet started to get hype with the loud musical chorus of ‘She Should Run for President!’ followed by a choreographed number of, ‘She Can Save Us!’


Now, the last time I heard someone cheer for a woman to run for president, she lost in a pretty fantastic fashion and we ended up getting the dumpster fire fuckface of our current president, so I have to say, ‘Nahh, bihhh….what you not gon’ do is have Oprah suffer.’

Don’t get me wrong; I love Oprah. I’ve always admired her. She’s incredibly smart, personable, built her billion-dollar empire on her own, and always seems like she’s that auntie that’ll put you in your place but always out of love and not because she wants to hear herself speak.

However, with all of the accomplishments Oprah has (and believe me, they are pretty spectacular), sometimes we need to let her be who she is without the stress of running the free world. Let her be content at home with her puppies, Steadman, and favorite things.

Do you really want her to age and all stressed out and shit?


I’ve followed Oprah for years and let me tell you as much praise she receives, she also receives a lot of unnecessary bullcrap. ‘Why doesn’t she do this? Why hasn’t she done that?’ And I know this because I, myself, have asked those same questions.

And then I also checked myself because, well, why does she have to be the one that does everything? Why can’t someone else pick up the ball and run? I liken it to when you can’t find one thing to pick someone apart, you will create something and run with it, kinda like that false story about black women boycotting Black Panther.

Let’s face it – when someone runs for any public office, all of their dirty laundry gets spilled. You didn’t return a library book on time 30 years ago? That’s going to be brought up. You were a wild teenager even though you’re in your sixties? That’s going to be brought up.

You were accused of sexually harassing several women and you support a pedophile? You’re going be elected president.


Back to the main topic, Oprah shouldn’t run because she doesn’t need to. And honestly, she probably doesn’t want to. Oprah has made a significant impact on her own throughout the world. She’s started a school. She has her own magazine. She has her own network! She doesn’t need the stress of keeping North Korea’s nuclear war threatening ass at bay.

I saw the same thing people were saying about Michelle Obama after her amazing speech at the Democratic National Convention. Very inspiration. Completely mind-blowing. And again, the chorus of, ‘Michelle should run!’ was sung along with praise dancers in the aisles and a step team outside the convention.

And guess what? Michelle saw the stress her husband went through and she probably thought,’Oh hell no! Y’all ain’t putting me through that same shit. Let me go chill with Missy.’


Let’s appreciate the spectacular speech Oprah gave and maybe, that encouraged another woman to run for president. Or even another man to run. But let’s not do this to Oprah. She deserves to live the rest of her life stress-free and not babysitting us who don’t deserve her.


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