Thanksgiving Adventures

We celebrated Thanksgiving in my hometown of Palm Springs with my family.  We were only there for 24 hours (if that), but we had a lot of fun. Way too much food and my parents were anxious to get rid all of it because they were going to see Charlie Wilson at Stateline (gotta love the old folks who have their own lives. #goals).

Enough babbling…here are the pics (no food pics to show, tho).


Bear and my mom. He really loves his Mo.


Maks and I had to deliver food to my brother, who was working on Thanksgiving, so my mom watched Bear while we were out. She wore him out! Grandmothers are awesome just for that purpose.


Obligatory couple post.


Bear was trying to take pics of the planes flying over my parents’ home. They live close to the airport. Photo cred: Hubby.


Maks took this shot of Bear when we were in downtown P.S. It was rather crowded the day after Thanksgiving!

I’m back to the normal posting schedule this week. I apologize again for lack of posts. This month was surprisingly busy! I hope you all are doing fabulous and great! xoxoxo



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