#FBF The Dodgers Game Progression

We live very close to Dodgers Stadium, and you would think we would’ve been regulars, right? Not really. Between schedules and well, Bear, we just haven’t had any time.

I like to take a stroll down memory lane on our progression. Kinda heartwarming and funny…


We were just married in this pic. Probably not even a few months.


You can’t really tell in this pic, but I was 11 weeks preggo with Bear. It’s a very sentimental picture. It was the last Dodgers game we went to as a duo.


They made it to the playoffs when I was pregnant with Bear so I watched the game from home. Let me tell you that shirt was snuuuuuuuuug.


Ah yes, our first Dodgers game as a trio. Bear was not feeling at all.




Last time we were there. Yeah, as you can tell by my old hairstyle, it’s been a while. Le sigh. At least I have the games on TV, right?


I pretty much fed him everywhere. You notice how I have a cover and he just kicked it off? That also happens.

Hopefully, next season, Bear will be old enough to appreciate a Dodgers game in person.



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