First Day of Going Vegetarian…heh

green and red healthy food

It’s not like I wasn’t vegetarian before. In fact, throughout high school, I was a vegetarian, only eating chicken and turkey, maybe a little fish. Okay, so that makes me a semi-vegetarian.

I only started eating red meat when I was in college and that’s because my iron was so low, my doctor literally prescribed me to eat cheeseburgers because I wouldn’t take the horse pill that was iron. In hindsight, I should’ve taken the horse pill. I would probably be better off, LOL.

Last week, when I told my husband I was contemplating becoming more plant-based, he wasn’t too keen about it first (his initial reaction was Nahhhhhh), but after seeing so many of his friends and co-workers switching to a green lifestyle, I guess peer pressure was a mother f*cker and he decided to give it a try for 30 days?


He initially wanted us to go completely plant-based – no chicken, turkey or fish.


Now, I can do without red meat and as I stated before, I have. Going without red meat for 30 days is no thing for me and I even did it for four years. But without chicken or fish? Hmm…no chicken and fish will make Crys a very unhappy girl. I already see my inner Jack Nicholson coming out.


We made a compromise and we would allow chicken (once a week) and fish (whenever we needed it). Bear, however, won’t do this challenge, though we will introduce as much plant-based foods to him when he’s not in school. (Tbh, Bear’s diet is mostly plant-based anyway. He’s never been big on red meat, though he’ll occasionally eat it, and he prefers fish and chicken.)

Courtesy of @caliwinter

Of course, this also means I need to make a run to the grocery store STAT! I have so many recipes I want to try and explore!

I’m excited about this new venture because our grocery bill was looking mad insane for the past few weeks so I think cutting out some meat will be good. Plus, we both need to lose some weight and get healthier as we want to start TTCing soon.

So, here goes nothing. Today is Day One. I’ll post another update on Monday to see how we survived our weekend!



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