My Body Hates Junk Food Now

The aging process is so interesting because you never know when certain things will kick in and how they’ll snatch your edges off.


Kinda like that.

So, a while ago, my husband and I adapted a vegetarian lifestyle for 30 days. While we’re not vegetarian or vegan, the experiment did have a permanent impact on our lives. For one, we definitely don’t consume as much red meat as before. Two, we’re also much healthier as well.


My husband, Maks, doesn’t really eat a lot of junk food. He’ll eat some things like Farmer Boys and In-N-Out, but that’s only once in a while. Now, at the height of our dating (and even early marriage), we were regulars at McDonald’s. So for him to go from eating on a regular basis to not eating it all was a gradual process.

For me, I’m a junk food junkie so it’s taken me a bit longer to completely give up junk food. But sometimes, if you can’t make a decision, it’ll be made for you.

I recently had fast food from two places – McDonald’s and Carl’s Jr. I didn’t have any red meat from neither place but I had other things on the menu. And the most interesting thing occurred – i got sick almost immediately afterwards.

Now, the McDonald’s one, I could understand because after a while, my body was, ‘Girl, why are you feeding me this bullshit?’ I told Maks I think my junk food days were over and of course, he had the most natural reaction:


Okay, so maybe he didn’t do the Running Man and he didn’t have a Gumby fade, but you get the point.

Of course, I’m hard-headed as shit so I didn’t learn my lesson then. I decided to have Carl’s Jr. a week later. And yeah, same reaction. My body said something to me that was pretty unforgettable:


Of course, everyone knows fast food isn’t good for you but sometimes when you’re on a time crunch, and you don’t have many choices available, it’s the first option. Even if you don’t eat the red meat there, it’s still not a good choice to have. One, you don’t know exactly what they’re putting in that food. Two, just ew.

Now, I should mention it’s not just the plant-based lifestyle that has contributed to this. I’ve also been working out a lot more, walking up to 25 miles a week. I also consume a ton more water in lieu of drinking soda or any fruit drinks. I also gave up my beloved blended iced coffees for Lent. I’m already down 10 pounds since January!


I can seriously use this Tupac gif for anything.

So yeah, cutting out the sugar and fat has made my body give up other things in different ways. Bear, since birth, always had a plant-based lifestyle and he really doesn’t eat red meat unless it’s from certain places or I make it at home. If anything, he eats a lot of fruit and he’s taken a liking to corn. (He still hates carrots and he used to like cabbage but not so much anymore).


I feel great and I feel like I’m probably the healthiest I’ve been in a few years. I’m curious to see what’s going to happen. Hopefully, I’ll be down another 15 pounds soon. We’ll see! 🙂


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