So, it was my turn to go to the ER

Let’s just preface this that when you have an amazing birthday month you just want to keep the good times going.

An ER trip really disrupts that flow.


Maks and I were getting ready to finally start trying again this month. I’m drinking my green tea, limiting my overall caffeine intake, trying very hard to not eat so much junk, working out even more than usual…and I still ended up with a UTI.


My UTI is rather mild. Other than the (okay, this is the TMI part) bleeding and cramping, I’m not in much pain. I can easily pee without wincing.

The six-hour long visit did reveal my fibroids made a comeback like Twinkies so I’m a little iffy on that. The only thing I can do with those (since they’re relatively small) is just really monitor my diet and eats lots of vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Of course, I’m doped up as all shit but nothing is making me weary nor is it impacting raising Bear.


So, obviously this cycle is a wash. But my health is more important and I can’t start trying if I still have issues. I need to make an appointment with my OB to see when I can get clearance. Onto the next cycle!



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