Rollin’ in My Bento – Snack Edition

This past couple of weeks (I know I’ve been slacking on updating my Bento ideas), I did something a little different for Bae’s lunches. I made him a sandwich (which won’t be pictured) but his bento had plenty of snacks. Let’s check out what I came up with!


Above: a sliced granola bar, strawberry slices, and yellow bell pepper strips.  Right: blackberries, sharp cheddar cheese bites, and hard-boiled egg.

The goal is to always create a colorful palate for him. The more colors, the better. While it can be a challenge to find different colors for every day, it’s also made us both healthier in the long run. Bae has already lost a few inches!


Turkey bites, cheese bites, and hummus. Pretzels bites, blackberries, and hard-boiled egg.

This one isn’t so colorful, but it has plenty of protein! I also included a small sandwich for him.


Please excuse the messy stove, lol.

Cheese bites, nuts and fruit bites, ham sandwich. Tortilla chips, strawberries slices, and a hardboiled egg. I also packed a small container of salsa as well.

I have to mention the food I never show and that is a banana, sometimes an applesauce pack, and other random things. Sometimes, I use the bento as strictly his lunch box and sometimes I use it as a snack box and pack something a bit heavier for him. The goal is to always make it healthy and fun!

How do you pack your bento?



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