Rollin’ in my Bento – Bae Lunch Edition

I debuted Rollin’ in my Bento last week (click here for a refresher) so here’s the progress of the week so far.



Cheese bites, strawberry slices, and chicken slices. For the recipe of the salad, click here.



I love pizza so I was super jazzed to make this recipe, Portobello-style.



I created leftovers from the soybeans and pasta from earlier that week. I also added a fiber bar to give Maks a little extra boost.

I should note, the bento box is just the lunch portion. I also pack a banana, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and an applesauce in addition for his lunch.

This week, we start all over again! I’ll do another update at the end of the week on what I created for my men!

What do you pack for lunch? Sound off in the comments!



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