Being a Miser Can Be a Good Thing Sometimes #preschool #lunch


It’s funny when you get older, you become a bit more conservative with your funds. I remember the days when I was a college student and I felt I was ballin’ with my $10. (Hell, I still feel that way now.) Yet nowadays, with a looming preschool bill coming up, I’m finding different ways to cut back on things I don’t really need to do as often as before.

Notice what I said – things I don’t really need to do as often. I still do them, but not as much.

One thing I’ve become good at as I enter my fourth year of Stay At-Home Momness is cooking. If you’re a SAHM, it’s almost a guarantee you’re a good cook. Very rarely are you going to find the Peggy Bundys.


So, I’m on a new quest and that is preparing school lunches for Bear that aren’t the same. I don’t know what his school restrictions yet but I’m pretty sure nothing nut-related is a consideration since that’s fairly common nowadays. Since he’ll only be starting school 2-3 days a week, it shouldn’t be an issue. And since I often make Maks his lunch for work, it’ll really be easy.

Dr. Google suggested a few websites to help be creative in my quest in No Same Lunches. I love to spread goodwill so I’m happy to share my results here:

30 Days of Lunchbox Recipes: No Repeats has a lot of great ideas.

Celebrity Chefs and their take on lunchbox ideas.


In order to help the environment and to cut down on waste, I’m trying not to use so many plastic sandwich bags so I’m looking at other lunch-related options.

I heard Bento Boxes are the new hot sauce and I’m digging these I found on Amazon.

If I want to get a little pricey with my Bento, I might consider this one.

And of course, if you want the ones I featured above, go to Pottery Barn Kids.

Funny how things come full circle, doesn’t it? I’m getting excited for school to start and it’s not even me in school!

What are your lunch ideas?




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