Fun with Flags

On the days Bear is not in school, we do a lot of lesson plans. Okay, who am I I try to sit him down long enough for a couple of minutes while I attempt to do lesson plans with him. There, that’s more accurate.

Recently, Bear was given an educational gift by the author of Hello Aaaron! Where Are You? Nellie Emrani. It’s actually a pretty cool book that illustrates some countries and the moments those countries are known for:


And she even autographed it for him!


So let’s take a look inside:



Pretty cool, huh?

Now mind you, this obviously doesn’t have every country represented but quite a few. It’s still a fun starting geography book for everyone. I highly recommend it!

To purchase, click here.



School Pictures

It’s occurred to me that I’ll never really posted Bear’s school pictures before. These came out pretty good! But honey, let me tell you…getting this kid to keep still and smile took a lot more effort than I expected it to!

People keep telling me and Maks to put Bear into modeling. We are contemplating it when he’s older and he wants to do it (I honestly don’t have time or the want to be a stage mom right now). After trying to coax my kid into staying still and smiling, I’m not sure if that’s a path I want to take! LOL

But for now, check out Bear’s school pics! So bae.


Chalk and Crayons

Lately, I’ve been teaching Bear more of his numbers, shapes, and colors, in addition to what he learns at school. I’m proud to say now he can count up to 30 and he knows his American alphabet pretty well.

While he’s at school part-time, he’s with me (us) full-time for the remaining days of the week. We don’t want him to be overly dependent on his iPad and TV but it’s hard to keep a toddler active.

Enter chalk and bath crayons.

One day, Bear and I were just bored and while we couldn’t go too far (I was doing laundry), I wanted to incorporate a lesson plan. So we decided to go over colors, shapes, and numbers.


This was a rather neat activity for him because he learned by jumping on each chalk outline, what he was stepping on. Very cool!

And when Bear couldn’t go outside, well, we brought the party inside:


I attempted to draw a sky and sun, along with flowers. We also learned our numbers again.


Of course, I also attempted to draw grass. God gave me the ability to write, not to draw and I’m okay with that.


I’m still trying to get Bear to learn his first name. I think he does know it but getting him to repeat it is a tad bit tricky.

How do you keep your toddler active when they’re not in school or daycare?

We Officially Have a Preschooler!

This week kicks off Bear entering school. He only goes to school Tuesdays and Thursdays for the time being but we hope to take him five days a week soon. Here are pics from the first day:

After I picked him up yesterday, we celebrated by going to the park and getting an ice cream bar:

How exciting!! Grown up so fast!!

Why is Preparing for Preschool So Damn Expensive?

I think this is the part where having kids starts to get expensive.

You see, it’s not that expensive in the first couple of years of life, IMO. Diapers and clothing, you can find on sale. Same goes with toys and honestly, babies and toddlers don’t need that much. Shoes, that’s where they get you because kids are constantly growing and at a rapid rate.

When they start school, however…that’s when that money gets tight.

Major Key. 

I already spoke about updating Bear’s attire (click here for a refresher), so let’s talk about his school supplies.

So, we finally purchased Bear his bento box and backpack. We also purchased diaper supplies for school and new shoes.

Grand total so far: $150 and some change.

Let’s take a closer look at where our new car fund money has gone:


I decided on this bento box because I felt it had the best compartments for a toddler. Something big enough for a sandwich, something small enough for cheese, crackers, and maybe a small sweet treat. To purchase, click here.


The bento box was a bit bigger than I thought it would be so I needed a lunchbox that would accommodate that, a juice box, and possibly a water bottle. Bear loves all things fire engine, trains, and planes, so we both felt this was perfect for him. To purchase, click here.


Payless Shoe Source had an amazing sale this weekend. We’ve meant to get Bear some Thomas the Train shoes for a while so when we found these, we picked up a pair. On sale for $17.99.

It’s still pretty hot in L.A. so Bear needed some sandals. On sale for $14.99.

Speaking of Bear’s school, look what we had to fill out for his registration:


Yeah. All of that. For preschool. It didn’t take long to fill out but wow, it was a lot of paperwork.

So, we’re a little over 24 hours away from seeing Bear off to preschool. I’ll update with first day of school pics and reaction.