The True Products Will Make You Get Your Life


I’m constantly on the search for new products to try and I love to spotlight Black-owned businesses whenever I can. You know, each one, teach one, buy one, etc.

So on IG, I ran across The True Products on They’re a Black-owned laundry detergent company. I’ve heard pretty amazing stories about them and since I’m a fan of not using detergent that smells like soap and other sorts of nasty, I decided to try them. And of course, I put them to the ultimate test –

I soaked Bear’s diapers in them:


Now you know the players, here’s how the game is played:


Reasonable. I picked up a bottle of 50 loads for $8.99+ shipping, which came out to $12.99, the same cost I would spend on Tide.



Very light and fragrant. Doesn’t have the heavy detergent smell.


Runny. Now, you would think this is a bad thing but it’s not. It’s actually a good thing.


True products say you only need 1/8 to 1/4 of a cup to clean a full load, but do encourage you to use more if it’s heavily soiled. I used what I considered to be a 1/4 cup for Bear’s diapers:



Super clean! The diaper on the right actually had a fantastic (sarcasm!) poop stain of orange and it just about got rid of it (though if you look carefully, you can see some remnants of it). However, these diapers are the cleanest they’ve been, period. I’m very impressed.



  • Reasonable price.
  • Not a heavy detergent smell.
  • Less is more; you don’t have to use a whole lot to clean the load.
  • Black-owned!


  • It’s runny so while that’s a good thing, you also might be led to believe you need to use more.
  • As of now, it’s not available in any stores so you can only order online.

In conclusion, I highly, HIGHLY recommend True Detergent. You can order here or here.


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