You Need to Invest in Munchkin’s Bath Crayons!

I have a toddler who likes to paint. And I don’t mean little dainty, staying within the lines type of paint. He likes to get messy. He loves to get colorful. I know this because I spent the past week cleaning paint off my carpet twice.

Maybe I wasn’t that animated…

And I had a very unfortunate incident with a red sharpie marker on my walls. (More on that in a later post.)

So, I needed my son to channel his energy in a way where I wasn’t spending a fortune on Mr. Clean erasers (which are a godsend, btw…)

Enter Munchkin’s Bath Crayons.


I was in Target the other day and discovered these. Well, Bear saw them first and I almost didn’t get them because I thought they were too “young” for him. When I got a good look at the age range, I thought, “Perfect!”

So, let’s begin with the review, shall we?


Very cheap. These cost around $3.99. Ridiculously cheap.


It’s Munchkin. They have a reputation for being best for babies and toddlers and I’ve yet to have a bad item from them. Highly recommend the brand.


The crayons are non-toxic. This is important because if you have a kid that likes to put odd things in his/her mouth like mine does, you need to know this. The crayons come in five colors and are bright.


So, once we remove the packaging, Bear went to town:

As you can tell, Bear is a super fan of these crayons!

That’s all nice and stuff, but I really want to know is:

The clean-up? Not. Bad. At. All. 

All you do is take a wet cloth and wipe. That’s it! If you want to make sure it’s clean-clean (you know what I mean), you can use a Mr. Clean sponge with very little effort to remove the crayons. It’s ridiculously easy.

But what’s the bad?

I heard from other parents that the crayons are too easy to remove from the base and therefore, once they’re out, that’s it. You can’t put them back in. Some other parents have complained the crayons stained some tub mats. Some are also on the fence with these compared to Crayola (which I didn’t know had their own set of bath crayons so I’ll do a review on them soon!). I say for less than $5, it’s worth giving a shot at.

In conclusion, I do highly recommend these crayons as well as Mr. Clean’s sponges for easy cleanup!


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