An update of sorts…

I’m so sorry for the lack of posts here. With the past holiday weekend and what have you, I just haven’t had any time! But now I do, so let’s get busy –

Speaker Badge - 2016 - blue

Just a friendly reminder – I am speaking at the MixedRemixed Festival this year! I’ll be speaking on the panel regarding Parenting with Difference: Multiracial and Families of Transracial Adoption in Conversation. So, if you’re in the L.A. area, come swing by! I would love to see you and you can meet my family! Please register at because spaces are filling up very quickly!

Bear & Bae:

This past weekend, we went to another one of hub-hub’s photo meets. Here are some pics of Bear taken by our close family friend, Mike, who goes by @kaotical24.

A question Maks and I have been getting a lot lately is whether we’re going to put Bear into modeling. Maybe eventually. Right now, he’s still very young and he doesn’t like to sit or stay still for too long. And when I say too long, I mean anything past a few minutes. Also, I really want Bear to be a kid. He’s about to start school soon so I would love for him to just explore being around other kids his age. You’re only a toddler once and want his first memories to be when he was at school, all the friends he made, the field trips he took, and the cool artwork he brought home, not sitting in a hallway for an audition.

So, who knows what the future will bring? I feel whatever path Bear wants to choose is the one for his destiny.

Ooh, on the TTC tip…

Last year we were actively TTCing. This year, it’s on hold. Not an indefinite hold but just a small hold. We want to travel a bit and plus, I need to get back into shape. (Amazing how much in-shape I was when I was trying to get pregnant and when that stopped, I pretty much said, ‘fuck it, hand me that cheesecake.’)


It wasn’t an easy decision but the last time I was truly pregnant, I had to stay put within a six-mile radius from my OB and MFM. Once you realize how wide six miles is and what you can’t do, it’s pretty depressing.

And honestly, I want to enjoy having one kid for now. I want to solely give 100% of my attention to Bear and now he’s at the age where he needs it. I’ll probably be pregnant at the end of this year but for now, I want to just have fun with my small family.

So that’s it! I’ll be back in a couple of days with hair, makeup, and book reviews!

I hope you’re doing wonderful and great! xoxoxoxo





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