Hair Milk: Splendiferous Miracle or Full of It?

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To be honest, I wanted to use splendiferous in a title for a while now. I’m not trying to show off my SAT score from way back when. I just like unusual words.

Hello family. How are you? I hope you’re doing well.

Today, I’m reviewing Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk. This is a product that is used to refresh curls, coils, and kinks and is typically used on second- and third-day hair. Enough of the ish, let’s start with the review:


One of the things I really love about this product is that you can use it on dry hair. If you’re in a rush to go somewhere, be it work or even running errands, sometimes spritzing your hair with water is another thing you don’t really feel like doing. Let’s keep it real for a minute – if you have natural hair, it doesn’t matter if you’re rocking a TWA or you have a head full of coils and curls, sometimes you really don’t feel like messing with your hair in the morning! (Thank the person who invented protective styles…)

Now, here’s where it becomes a bit funny for me. While you can use it on dry hair, what Carol’s Daughter isn’t saying how much you’ll be using. My TWA is still relatively small but I also have a full head of hair so I’m spritzing quite a bit.


Yeah, I had to spray a lot.

Let’s talk about the smell. I’m still getting used to it. It boasts of agave, lemongrass, apricot oil, and sweet almond oil. To me, it was a bit overpowering despite how light those fragrances are by themselves. I didn’t smell my hair all day (thank God!) but at first, I didn’t care for it.

Lastly, the hair milk promises it’s for curls, kinks, and coils, but honestly, I’m not sure if it did a lot for my coils. While my coils looked great at first (see pictures below), they didn’t look so hot a few hours later. It also didn’t really moisturized my hair very well; it felt pretty dry a few hours later as well. Normally, the products I use last all day so seeing this wore off, so to speak, a few hours later is an unpleasant surprise. Can you imagine seeing your hair looking all fab in the morning and seeing it look like crud just a short time later? I was feeling like this:


I tried it on Bear’s hair and he didn’t care for the smell and I couldn’t really tell how it styled his curls. I think the gif below describes Bear’s reaction after a short while:


In conclusion, I don’t recommend this product. While it’s not a bad one, it just didn’t do anything for us. I’m actually a fan of Carol’s Daughter so the fact this product failed me is a bit of surprise. It might have a different feel for you.



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