#RussianSoulSunday: Sweet n’ Sour Chicken

So a few weeks ago I made sweet n’ sour chicken. Here are my results:

I used chicken tenders and dipped them in cornstarch and egg. I fried them in coconut oil.



I’m not endorsing any particular coconut oil (I think they’re all more or less the same).

Then I combined soy sauce, apple cider vinegar and ketchup for the sauce. For those wondering, this is the part where the Russian of #russiansoulsundays come in:

I pour the sauce over the fried chicken:

And then bake it in the oven:

I use roasted Brussels sprouts for sides:

And voila! Here are the results:


For the sweet n’ sour chicken recipe, click here.

For the Brussels sprouts recipe, click here.

(Note: the Brussels sprouts recipe calls for 1 1/2 lbs. of sprouts but I we never eat that much at any given time. So adjust time and recipe accordingly.)



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