Too Many Hoze

Okay, that song has nothing to do with the blog whatsoever. But hey, the kid’s flow is pretty sick. (Parental discretion…he may look like a kid but his lyrics sure ain’t!)


I’m not pregnant. How’s that for an opening line?

After a week and a battery of tests, not to mention I started to spot already, it’s pretty official I’m not pregnant. I have to admit, I’m still debating if I was never pregnant or it was another chemical pregnancy. I could’ve sworn I saw the faintest of lines and FRER (at least the updated version) isn’t known to have evap lines.

At first I was bummed because let’s face it, what woman doesn’t want to get pregnant the first time trying? But then I thought about it and I’m actually okay. Sometimes things happen when they need to and not necessarily when I want them to. I’m telling you, all that meditation and working out has made me all zen and shit.

My period should arrive within the next 24 hours and then it’s on to month 2. I have about a six-month window to get pregnant before we take invasive options so I’m not worried. I think if this were month 5 or even month 6, I would be concerned. But month 2 is a good sign. It tells me that at least during month 1, I know how long my luteal phase is and my period is finally starting to act right. It also tells me the important part – I’m ovulating. This time I won’t document it on YouTube. The viewership, albeit not widely promoted, was super low and I didn’t care that much about our boring life to really document it on Youtube for some clicks. I can always write a screenplay about it, lol.

Not sure what I’ll do differently this time around. I’ve been keeping up on my fitness, logging a daily average of four miles. (It’s hella easy to walk that much when you’re a WAHM and have a single child.) I’m not too keen on green tea, though I wouldn’t mind eating some pineapple and drinking pomegranate juice. I don’t know. I guess we’ll just see. But I’m forever hopeful. I know I’ll be pregnant soon; it’s just a matter of when. 🙂



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