So Notorious

I figured since the last post was a little heavy, here’s some lighter news. I’m sure this is the only reason why some of you come on here and honestly, I can’t blame you. I have no qualms with my kid (or The Kid) being more popular than me.




The first two pics were taken during the July 4th festivities in Downtown L.A. The last one was taken I think within the past week or so.

So how’s Bear doing?

Well, let’s hit you with the stats:

Weight: Around 25 lbs.*

Height: 33 inches.*

(*As of his last doctor’s appointment.)

Likes: (Let’s break this down into different categories)

Food: anything in the cabbage family – collard greens, Brussels Sprouts, red chard. He loves ice cream and frozen yogurt.

Cartoons: When we had cable, Sprout was a constant stable in our home. Now that we cut it, in favor of Hulu, Netflix, and Antenna TV, he really enjoys Super Why!, Curious George,Thomas and Friends, Pingu, Hugo, and The Wiggles. He really, really loves the Wiggles.

I can’t knock them, though I’m still not sure Emma really plays the drums.

Dislikes: He still doesn’t like carrots. We’ve tried to give him carrots and well, nope. Oh, and the fact he can’t eat Play-doh.-_-

Nursing: Still nursing. Bear’s almost 20 months now so I hope to make it a solid two years. And then we’ll play it by ear then. I still get grief from friends and family that I still nurse but you know what? My son has yet to be sick so they can just suck it.

Co-sleeping: Unfortunately, we’re a part of this club. Now before all of the co-sleepers get on me for saying unfortunately, hear me out. We tried to get him in his crib. In fact, his crib is right next to our bed. We don’t do the CIO (Crying It Out) method because we don’t believe in torture (#sorrynotsorry). Ideally, we would love for him to be in his crib in his own room. We know it’ll happen eventually so we’ll just wait.

Sushi: Not the food but our cat. They have an awesome relationship. Sometimes she adores him and sometimes, well, she just tolerates him. (In all honesty, I think she feels that way about us.)

They often sleep together. In this picture, he just woke up and rolled over onto her. Hence her, ‘What the hell, little hoomin?’ face.

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