There’s been a debate, not necessarily recently but it’s been gaining traction, on immunization. Before I delve further into this topic, I’ll state my views on it with this link.

For the full video:

Now that’s out of the way, let’s begin.

I have friends who vaccinate. I have friends who don’t. The ones who don’t, they have their reasons. Some choose not to for religious reasons. Some choose not to because they simply can’t (immune system is too weak).

The others, however, I like to refer to them as the evangelists.

  • They are the ones who use every.single.opportunity to tell you why vaccines will cause autism (it doesn’t and that has been proven time and time again by a variety of sources, not just in the US).
  • They are the ones who will tell you that vaccines are poisonous to your children, but will somehow forget the chemicals they use to clean their homes, the cars they drive, the city they live in, and the foods they consume. I hope those people don’t ever eat out or travel.
  • They are the ones who argue that anyone who supports vaccinations are somehow paid by “big pharma” for their views. (On this note, I wish I was paid by big pharma. Man, I would’ve paid off ALL of my student loans!)

You see where I’m getting at?

Yoda has his vaccines. He’s currently behind on his six-month ones due to yet another insurance issue, but trust and believe, he’ll be getting those soon AND his 12-month ones.

It was never an issue on whether he was going to get his vaccinations but rather, when. I did the research. I looked at the pros. I looked at the cons. I wondered why and aloud to his pediatrician he needed to have so many shots at once. I was explained on what vaccinations actually do and what they don’t do. Whatever questions I didn’t have, M. had. We both agreed on this issue.

So it really grinds my gears when I have someone telling me why they’re anti-vax. I.DON’T.CARE. REALLY, I DON’T. If you are that convicted about not vaccinating your child, fine. The moment you try to convince me why I shouldn’t and then lobby accusations why I feel different, I take issue.

When you complain that you’re treated unfairly because you’re anti-vax, I won’t give you sympathy. I have real issues to deal with.

When you wonder why so many people still vaccinate despite the “overwhelming evidence” not to, I won’t listen because again, there are serious real world issues that are more pertinent.

Stop trying to convince me otherwise. For real. No one cares about that shit other than you. While the anti-vaxxers rally and spend endless hours online researching and debating people, the pro-vaxxers are enjoying life. The anti-vaxxers are getting their panties in a twist; the pro-vaxxers are laughing and wondering how you managed to escape out of Bellevue.

How are the anti-vaxxers any different from evangelical Christians who scream and yell at people on street corners?

Enjoy life. Enjoy family. Stop with the craziness.






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