Not all solids are created equal. In fact, some of them can be quite fucking disgusting.

Now, I normally try to scale back on the profanity for the sake this is a mommy blog (okay, I was totally kidding when I just said that), but really…there is no other description for some solids.

You see, originally I was going to make baby food and I did attempt once by giving Yoda some avocado. He rejected it. I gave him an avocado-banana mixup; he rejected that. I gave it to him with some breastmilk; he looked at me and wondered how many different ways can he tell me ‘Ah, hayle nah’ before I get the point.

So we went to rice cereal. Not a big deal and he ate it up. But now came the fun part – trying other solids.

Everyone warned me that children are picky eaters, right from the start and I for some reason, mistakenly thought they wouldn’t be talking about my kid. You see, my kid is an angel (yeah, I already have that thing going on) and he’ll gladly eat whatever I present to him.

Which leads to this post and how our solid food experimentation is going and well, not so going.

I present to you Exhibit A:

photo 1


I selected Earth’s Best for the simple fact that it’s the only baby food that supposedly is organic and contains mainly the food and no additives. I used the phrase supposedly because the food has a shelf life of over a year and let’s be real, if something was truly organic, it would expire within a few days.

Yoda likes this brand the most. He loves the sweet potatoes, corn and butternut squash, winter squash, and pears. He does not care for the apples and carrots. He also doesn’t like the pouch for he ended up throwing it up a short time later. He does like the Gerber rice cereal and I mix that with breastmilk

One thing Yoda has started doing is shaking his head as a definitive NO! if he doesn’t like something or if he’s full.  That’s pretty cool to notice. I wonder if he picked that up from us or somewhere else or if it was just a natural reaction.

Which leads us to Exhibit B:

photo 2

Something told me the moment I opened it, it was going to be horrible. You see, if something smells like day-old funk and could probably get up and crawl out the door, just let it be. I even had M. take a whiff of it and he almost gagged. I attempted to serve it to Yoda and the below picture is an accurate description of his reaction:



So we’re still trying. I like to introduce him to new things but I also have to be patient with him. What I’ve started doing is expand my palate so he gets different tastes in my breastmilk. Here’s hoping!


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