Love Rollercoaster

Health insurance, smealth insurance.

Let me start out by saying I do support the Affordable Care Act – in parts. There should be affordable medical insurance for everyone and you shouldn’t be denied because you have a pre-existing condition.

That being said…

I’m not a fan of the rollout. I was dropped by my health insurance due to the ACA and as a result, I had to sign up for Covered California. No big deal. I’m covered. It becomes a bit trickier when Yoda wasn’t covered under my new plan.

Long story short: My husband has insurance through his work, however, it is too expensive to add both me and Yoda on, which is why I had my own separate insurance. Anyhoo, I had to get new insurance and found out because I didn’t make a lot of money, Yoda would qualify for Medi-Cal. Sounds good, right?


His pediatrician doesn’t accept Medi-Cal and when we tried to take Yoda to get his vaccinations at the local clinic down the street from our home, not only was it crowded but the chicks behind the counter lost his appointment card despite me making an appointment the day before! We tried to find another pediatrician who would accept Medi-Cal and the ones that do, aren’t close by to us. M. and I got so frustrated we decided to sign up Yoda on his own health insurance so there’s no confusion. So frustrating! My health insurance was just fine and then I got dropped! 

So the next time Yoda will see a doctor is freakin in MARCH, completely missing his two-month (and three-month) checkup. You know you’re stressed out when you’re dreaming about your son’s health insurance. 😦

Since there’s been a string of flu deaths here in Cali, we’re completely avoiding large crowds. Kinda sucks. We all wanted to go to the annual Chinese New Year parade like we always do every year but it was too risky to take Yoda out. Maybe next year he can go and enjoy it. 🙂

On top of it…on top of it…I just received a notice that his stroller, the Britax B-Agile, was recalled. This week, the hits keep coming…

Anyhoo, I leave this post with a happy Yoda. I’m just so glad the only stress he has to experience right now is when he has a full diaper and when he’s hungry.



One thought on “Love Rollercoaster

  1. We just dropped our health insurance and joined a Christian health sharing ministry called Samaritan Ministries. It’s pretty awesome! You don’t send your money to a corporate office, each month they will send you the family that you are to send your “premium” to along with their story. That way we can pray for them, the kids can send them cards, etc. Something to look into maybe. My husband will still have the insurance through his job, but he will also be with us under Samaritan.


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