Could You Be Loved

(In honor of Bob Marley’s birthday and the very first song I played for Yoda when he was still in the womb…)

I never had a post on here that’s just Bo. All Bo. Nothing but Bo. So this post is all about Bo. 

photo 26.2 photo 26

Both pictures were taken this morning.

Bo is officially 12 weeks today and he turns 3 months on Valentine’s Day. Crazy! I had a baby 12 weeks ago. I think I’ll start a monthly tradition on his stats. Here’s an update:

Weight: Not sure. Estimated around 12-13 lbs.

Length/Height: Not sure. Estimated around 25 inches.

Diaper size and type: Size 2, Huggies Little Snugglers. Might venture off to cloth diapers soon.

Onesie size: Depends on the brand. Some 3 month clothing still fits him (Carter’s and Old Navy) but he’s mostly in 6 month and 9 month. Yeah. 9 month! O.O

Yoda discoveries: He recently discovered his hands and how they can grab things. Which means I’ll be getting a haircut relatively soon.

What he loves: Seeing people. He loves baths and  he loves going out for walks. He loves the sights and sounds.

What he hates: My perfume. I recently put on perfume for the first time in months and he had a very bad reaction to it. Now, he’s used to M.’s cologne but that’s because he’s been wearing it for the past several months. So for now, I’ll stick to my fragrant body washes and lotions. He also doesn’t like it when I have pizza. It gives him gas. We thought it was a particular brand but it’s just pizza in general. So no pizza for me for a while. Maybe that’s not a bad thing.

Sleep habits/schedule: I try to not let Yoda stay up for longer than three hours at a time, though sometimes it’s hard to put him down. He takes several naps throughout the day and is usually out for the night between 10-11 PM. He wakes up again roughly six hours later for a diaper change and feeding, then goes back to sleep for a couple hours and is up for the day around 8 AM, sometimes 9.

Boobies, boobies, boobies: Still breastfeeding and plan to for a while. Ideally, I would love to breastfeed for a year while I introduce him to solid food in a few months. 

Our special time: I’ve been reading and singing to him. I can’t sing worth crap so I hope I don’t scar him for life. I usually sing ‘He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands’ and ‘Jesus Loves Me’. I also read the Bible to him with a special Bible app for children on our iPad.

Next milestone: Waiting for him to rollover. We do a little tummy time after each diaper change so just waiting for Yoda to do it on his own.


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