Sweet Sensation

This kid is permanently stuck on my boob.

I’m typing this post with a semi-sleeping Yoda on my left boob. I’m sure that was a form of TMI but hey, I’m a mom now and my TMI posts are relatively far and few in-between in comparison to most that are out there.

Yoda is now 7 1/2 weeks old. Crazy. 7 1/2 weeks ago I gave birth to a baby and now he’s an infant (since he’s no longer considered to be a newborn….boooooooo!)

The subject of this post to blog about some of the baby swag I had received. Yeah, I’m about four months late on this but I hope this might help with some mommies-to-be or moms already with their decisions to purchase.

First up – the K’tan

Click the picture to purchase.

I got this on recommendation from another IC mom (and fellow blogger) Jaime. I’m finding the K’tan to be a litle tricky but that’s mostly due to: 1) Mommy error and 2) Yoda being bouncy. Still, I hope to master it at some point. It’s really comfortable and quite easy to put on, as demonstrated below:

It comes with a sash, that I didn’t realize can be used with the carrier. I still have it somewhere in my house. My poor house. It used to be so clean before Yoda. Le sigh.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m doing disposable diapers until I build up enough stash to comfortably cloth diaper. I also need to look up some more cloth diapering resources but that’s another post for another day.

There’s a big Pampers v. Huggies debate and I can see why it is. They are two of the most popular brands out there and it’s easy to compare the two. For this post, let’s concentrate on Huggies while I’ll do a Pampers post with the next one.

Click the picture to purchase.

I’m a semi-crunchy mom so I’m trying to do and incorporate as much natural products as possible in our lifestyle. Luckily for us, I’ve been doing this for two years now so it wasn’t a big leap to go natural. Huggies supposedly say these are free of dye, fragrance, and anything that could possibly be irritating to a newborn. These happened to be the same brand my hospital used so it was nice to get a test-drive before I brought Yoda home. I personally liked these and didn’t have an issue with them. 

Click the picture to purchase.

I’m trying the Little Snugglers and honestly, I think they’re about the same as the Free and Natural, though I think I have a preference to the Free and Natural. Still, it’s a good brand. No complaints.

Click the picture to purchase.

I tried the Natural Care wipes and I did like them. Though, I will admit, I didn’t like the fact that Yoda didn’t have that ‘baby’ smell. That’s one of the caveats about doing natural products – there’s no smell, nothing to them. Booooooo!

Click the picture to purchase.

I personally prefer the Huggies Soft Skin brand just because it contains shea butter. Now, I have found a recipe to make baby wipes but I haven’t tried it yet. I have found that Yoda likes this brand because he has no allergic reaction (thus far) to it.

So far, that’s my experience. Of course, I leave this post with a picture of Yoda bear. I know he’s the reason why you come here! 🙂



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