Can’t B Good

Remember how I expressed my dislike for the Pampers brand? Yeah. Now I have a solid reason. Let me present to you Exhibit A:

photo (22)
Normally I tag my photos, but I’m pretty sure no one is going to steal this shitty picture. And I mean that literally.


Yeah, this just happened. Tonight. Can someone please tell me how in the fuck did poop travel from Yoda’s bottom to outside of his diaper and onto his onesie? Yes, I know of blowouts and Bo has had…wait a minute…let me think about that…how many did he have when he was wearing Huggies?

Oh yeah. NONE.

I chose Pampers Swaddlers because I kept hearing about how they were better for boys. (Maybe for some boys but definitely not all and yes, this is the time where I have to call BULLSHIT.) I took the Old Spice challenge and bought a huge box of size 1 after I purchased my huge box of Huggies.

That was a waste of money.

The Swaddlers fit a little tight on Bo. At first I blamed his growth since he’s so big now. A funny thing happened…I put Bo in the Target brand, Up & Up, and they fit perfectly. No blowouts, no messes, and he seems happier. Oh and wait for it…they’re cheaper, by a lot! 

Duly noted.

Grr…I’m sooooo irritated. I had to give Bo an extra bath tonight because I didn’t think wipes would’ve wiped off all the poop.

Maybe this is a good time to start cloth diapering since I wanted to do that since forever? Hmm…maybe.

But I leave this post with a sweet and clean picture of Bo from this morning.



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