New Sensation

I had an appointment with my OB this past Friday. Yoda is looking great and measuring great. Still, no weight gain and my doctor doubts I’ll gain any for the remainder of the pregnancy. I can still look down and see my feet for the time being. I had my glucose test on Friday as well and yeah…it was nice to drink the flat Fanta-like beverage for a few sips but anything past the few sips was like….


“…we should probably talk about the idea of a c-section….”

I can’t say I was shocked by my OB’s words. He pretty much confirmed what my MFM saw the week before – Yoda is a very big baby, already measuring three weeks ahead. My OB estimated he’ll be at least eight pounds, if not nine pounds at birth. It was at the doctor’s appointment I learned that a baby’s weight is dependent on the mother’s height, something I didn’t know. I guess however tall you are will determine how big your baby will be. Tall woman = big baby. Small woman = small baby. Anything in between of that is just a special circumstance. Makes sense if you think about it. 

Back to what my doctor suggested, I’m not against the idea of a c-section. In the beginning of the pregnancy, I had an idea I was going to have a c-section, partially because of the cerclage. My OB made it very clear he did not want to remove the cerclage and let it stay for the other pregnancies I’ll have, which isn’t a bad suggestion.  He was concerned about a vaginal delivery and potential stress to Yoda. Nothing is set in stone, but it’s something we’re considering, given his size and my already high-risk state. 

Yoda, an October baby? Maybe.

baby dlm pumpkin

Either way, I’ll just happy when he finally arrives. 

This pregnancy will have a different outcome. 


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