Before I Let Go

I finally chose my baby shower invite. I had it customized so I’m hoping my hosts have made their final decision because I ain’t changin’ this.

designall (12)
This is a sample invite, btw.

I decided to combine two of my favorite things: purple and leopard print. Those who know me will tell you this invite fits my personality.

I’m a little nervous about sending out the baby shower invites. The biggest reason is that it’ll be the first time that 90% of the guests will know that I’m pregnant. Just about everyone invited knows the story about Ethan so they’ll be understanding why we decided to keep this pregnancy under wraps for as long as possible. It’s still a little daunting, though. Can you imagine receiving a baby shower invitation and you had no idea your friend was pregnant? Your reaction might be something like this:


Speaking of the baby shower, I’ve been a pretty good baby mama. I haven’t meddled in my hosts’ plans AT ALL but luckily for me, I was distracted by trying to keep sane during the month of July so it was real easy not to pester them about a baby shower. I did make a few key decisions – chocolate-covered pretzels and cupcakes instead of a baby shower cake. Why no baby shower cake, you ask? Well, let’s take a looksie at some other gems I’ve found on the web:

baby-cake120608093915 Baby-Shower-Cake-belly-button ghettocake1

So yeah. That first one, though…I give credit to whoever made it because they’re flippin’ talented. But I wouldn’t want to eat it.


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