Future Baby Mama

It’s Hump Day Bump Day! Wanna see what I look like now? Let’s gooooooooooooo!



I started tagging my photos for fear of trolls. I don’t think anyone would do that since I’m also well-known in other areas of the web. Still, the prevalence of Catfish and the like, I have to be a bit cautious.

No weight gain at all! Remember when I said my weight gain has been less than 10 pounds? Well, it’s been nothing! I credit that to a lot of water and really, not eating too much junk. I do eat my McDonald’s and some other junky-junk occasionally but it’s not a daily habit. One, the acid reflux/heartburn is a killer. Two, it’s just bad for me. I am blessed to be one of those women who carries her pregnancy mainly in the stomach.

The main reason for no weight gain is the fact that I was already a big girl (size 18-20 pre-pregnancy) to begin with so both of my doctors are very dead-set on me not gaining any more than I absolutely have to. In fact, they both would prefer that I lose weight during the pregnancy.  The fear of pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes is a real one.

I go in for my MFM follow-up on Friday to see how my cerclage is holding up. The fact I’ve made it this far is a very good sign and is giving me a lot more encouragement to finally purchase more baby items (I finally bought the stroller I wanted!).

This pregnancy will have a different outcome.


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