So Appalled

There’s one thing about pregnancy I don’t understand. The nausea. How is that I’m okay before I eat but right after I eat, I feel like


Thank goodness for these:

photo (7)


I got these at Whole Foods. They’re pretty good. They don’t taste any different from regular saltine crackers. They’re also so cute! They come in different shapes!

So I can no longer sleep on my stomach. I never knew how much I slept on my stomach until I got pregnant. It’s really uncomfortable to sleep on it now. I’m so full of baby bloat, not to be confused with a belly bump. I don’t think a woman actually has a belly bump until she starts the second trimester, though mothers who have had children before will start showing sooner than that. I took a picture of me in week 4 and a comparison pic of me in week 5 and it looks like I’ve been hanging out at the Piggly Wiggly.  I probably won’t post that pic.

In other physical news, I’m only getting up once a night to go pee, sometimes twice. I’m sure within the next few weeks, I’ll be getting up every hour on the hour like I was with Ethan.

I look forward to all of it!


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