Yeah, that’s pretty much what I’m feeling right now.

My food aversion to vegan ice cream is replaced with a healthy, almost insane appetite for bacon. Not the healthy, fat-free turkey bacon I always eat. No. I want the pork. A lot of it. All of it. Just bring me a wheelbarrow full of bacon and I’ll love you forever.

This is a bacon funnel cake. Me want.

My craving for pork isn’t unusual. When I was pregnant with Ethan, it’s all I wanted. Pork chops, bacon, sausage, whatever that was pork-related. My husband and in-laws joked they knew the baby was definitely Ukrainian because of my cravings. (My husband is Russian-Ukrainian.) 

Last night at Whole Foods, I spent almost nine bucks on some bacon. Yeah, nine bucks! I just bought two packages of turkey bacon last week for half the price of that one package of pork bacon. But man, that was money well spent. Had I know the bacon was going to be that good, I would’ve bought two!

I already know…Yoda is going to make me bankrupt due to my love of bacon. Pork bacon.

Not bacon-related: as I was typing this, I had a small wave of nausea hit me. It’s still here actually. Normally some pregnant women would be crying or complaining about their nausea. Not me. I hate that I’m nauseated but I love that I’m nauseated. 🙂


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