Paging Dr. Davis…Paging Dr. Davis

This pregnancy, I’m not taking any chances. I’m working from home, so there’s no need for me to go into the office.  I’m drinking a ton of water, which isn’t a change from what I was already doing.

But the biggest change is getting a cerclage. A preventative cerclage. I know there’s the TVC (transvaginal cerclage), but I just don’t trust the success rate (75-85%). I need something a little higher. Also the TVC, from what I’ve read on many places, is just to guarantee the woman to 24 weeks. Personally, I don’t want a 24-weeker and I’m pretty sure most women don’t.

I’m not too sold on the TAC (transabdominal cerclage) because it’s permanent and would require me to have a C-section for every pregnancy. It’s also major surgery and there’s no guarantee the doctor will know what he’s doing because he’s pretty much going in blindly.

But I did discover the TVCIC cerclage (Transvaginal Cervico-ishtmic Cerclage). It’s placed higher than the TVC and has the same success rate as the TAC, which is currently 95%.

I found a really informative blog post that pretty much explains the pros and cons between all three types of cerclages. Check out A Step in the Right Direction. Even though the blog author is adamantly pro-TAC, it’s not something I’m gung-ho about. Abdominal surgery is still major surgery and I’m one of those people who believe that I will only do major surgery if it’s an absolute necessary thing. I think TAC is more elective than necessary at this point and time.

So I’m waiting to hear from Dr. Davis in New Jersey. He’s pretty much Mr. Cerclage (I don’t think he would like me calling him that). I’m willing to fly from LA to New Jersey to get seen by him. Wish me luck!


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