The Best High-End Co-Wash You’ll Need


I think I’m forever searching for the best cowashing conditioner that suits both my hair and Bear’s. Bear has super curly Type 3 hair and I bounce between Type 4A and 4B, with some dabbles in 4C.

Keeping Bear’s hair moisturized and conditioned is an Olympic sport within itself. Not that it’s always been easy but when he becomes more active, well, I also become more active in keeping his head clean.

I was at my local Blue Mercury when I stumbled on Bumble & Bumble. I’ve heard of the brand but never thought about trying it. And I can see why – at $34 a bottle, Bumble & Bumble is not a brand one can spend a little money on. It’s also not a brand one will want to spend money on a lot if it doesn’t work.

The Curl Custom Conditioner claims it can be used three ways: as a leave-in, rinse out, or as a co-wash. Most conditioners can only one of those, yet BB was claiming it can do all three?


I was willing to give it a chance. I figured, if it didn’t work, well, that’ll be the last time I’ll be spending close to $40 for a bottle of cowash. If it did work, however, I will have to figure out $40 a bottle into my budget.

Bumble & Bumble claims the Curl Custom Conditioner can work on all hair types. I’m always weary when companies say that because 99% of the time, they mean only color-treated or curly hair. They don’t include coily, Type 4 hair in that.


Still, I was willing to give it a shot. Of course, I always have to try it on my guinea pig, Bear. I figured if it doesn’t work on his hair, it’s probably not going to work on mine.

And I’m sooooooo glad it worked on his hair!


It really made his curls pop.

Here’s another look:


All of that definition, yo.

You’re probably wondering how it looked on my hair?


It really wasn’t my intention to look all shocked and serious, and yes, I know I need to smile more. But the purpose was to showcase my hair. The conditioner also made my curls pop and kept it very moisturized throughout the day and next. I’m a new fan.

Now we know the player, how did they score?


  • It works. Point. Blank.
  • Bumble & Bumble is a trusted brand.
  • It’s available at Blue Mercury, Ulta, Sephora, and online at the Bumble & Bumble store. Some hair salons and beauty supply stores might also carry the brand.


  • It’s hella expensive, y’all. $34 a bottle and if you have a lot of hair? Whew, chile.

Overall, I do recommend it, however, you will probably need to buy a couple of bottles at a time. So, be prepared to spend close to $70 dollars.


Baby Girl Finds at Target

Just putting it out there – I’m not pregnant. Not yet.

However, my neighbor’s twin sister is pregnant and due any day. I recently attended her baby shower and I picked up some super cute baby girl clothing. I spent much more than I’d intended, but I couldn’t help it. Shopping for babies is so much fun!!

Anyway, if you’re having a baby, just had one, or knows someone who is about to have one, check out the finds I copped:


Who can resist tutus? Come on! To purchase, click here.

I’m a big fan of buying multiple outfits at once. And I really love how Carter’s can include a couple of outfits in one set at a super dope price. This was just too cute to pass up!

*I couldn’t find this particular set online, but go visit your local Target to see if they have it.


Bear actually picked out this outfit. I have to say, my son has great taste!

To purchase, click here.


Cloud Island is a new baby brand at Target but I have to say I was rather impressed with their items. They seem to have really good quality so I encourage you to go check them out.

To purchase this blanket, click here.


Once again, Bear has excellent taste. Technically speaking, these are boys’ shoes but I think they can be unisex. And come on…Bear picking out bears? Can’t get any cuter than that!

To purchase, click here.


Explaining Death to a Child Really Sucks


Over the weekend, my puppy, Shorty, died.

He was 14 years old and was in poor health for a short while. He had a series of seizures and my mom finally took him to the clinic where the vet confirmed the seizures were actually heart attacks and Shorty had cognitive heart failure. She gave my mom medication and I hoped that would’ve extended his life.

They found him dead in his sleep. My brother buried him in the backyard with my other dog, Missy, from a long time ago.

While I mourned the loss of my puppy, I tried to explain it to Bear. He didn’t understand the concept of life and death quite yet and it was hard to explain it to him in a way that made sense. I told him that Shorty was in heaven, and that we wouldn’t be seeing him again when we go see Grandma and Grandpa.

He looked at me a bit quizzically and then went back to playing on his iPad.

When Bear woke up from his nap and saw me working on this very post and the accompanying pictures of Shorty, I explained to him again that he died and went to heaven.

“Oh no,” he softly replied and frowned.

“Do you want to talk about it?” I asked.

He shook his head and I turned on the TV so we can watch Cousins for Life. 


As I found temporary relief that he didn’t press any further, I was caught into wondering if this is merely the beginning of discussing death with my young child. After all, death is a part of life. It’s a guarantee just like taxes.

I don’t remember my first encounter with death as a child. I remember other factors like a family pet dying, or even a distant family member passing away, but I can’t really recall  the first experience. Maybe I blocked it out, or maybe I was just so super young, I honestly don’t remember.

I don’t know if my parents ever gave me a talk about life and death. I also don’t know if I just figured it out on my own. Talking to a child  in the world of social media,  where trending topics can often decide what’s real or what’s fake, I don’t want Bear to be influenced by what death is and what it’s not.

Still, explaining life and death, heaven and earth (not sure if we’ll get to the hell part but hopefully Bear will figure that part on his own), will forever be a conversation in our home. Bear knows about Ethan, but he doesn’t quite understand why we visit him at the cemetery and why he’s not here.

I researched on Amazon a number of books about explaining death to a child and I’m not sure if I’m ready to pick up one. We already have a book for Bear that was very hard for us to read when I was pregnant with him and he has yet to see it.

Maybe when we go visit my parents in a week or so, and Bear sees Shorty isn’t around, maybe he’ll understand then. And I have to be prepared for his reaction no matter what.

Le sigh…this was a lesson I wasn’t expecting so soon to teach and for Bear to learn. Does anyone have any tips?


Patagonia is #TeamCozy

So, one of our close friends hipped us to Patagonia. Maks was complaining about how he goes through so many jackets because he uses them for everything – photography, casual wear, rainy wear. No matter how cozy the jacket is at first, it doesn’t last very long.

We picked up this nice jacket for Maks, but I wanted to talk more about the blue vest we picked up for Bear. Now we’re on a budget; I don’t like spending more money than I absolutely have to with the occasional splurge. But with Patagonia, I can’t help it. I’ve heard way too many good things about the brand to pass it up.

For one, they’re environmental activists, which I love. They care about the planet and the issue of climate change. They’re very conscious, and they constantly give back. Win-win for everyone.

Maks and I decided to up Bear’s warm wardrobe a bit. He already has a rain coat and a few hoodies but he can always have one more. We usually shop at Target or Wal-Mart for his needs (sometimes, Macy’s). We decided to splurge this once.

Bear decided on this down vest in blue. We loved how warm and cozy it is, but also stylish. We love a stylish Bear.


Let’s see what the inside looks like:





100% recyclable! Not sure how I could recycle this but I’m sure once Bear grows out of it, I can resell it. That’s recycling, right?

So again, this was a bit of a splurge but for the super cold weather across the country, I think it was worth the price.

What was your recent splurge?



Vegan Restaurant Review – Hinterhof

It’s not everyday one has vegan German food.

For real, for real. I was shocked, too.

On a recent date night with friends, we decided to try out vegan German food. Now, I never had German food like ever. So I was a bit skeptical if I would like it. I’ve had had vegan food and I’ve really enjoyed it, so I was willing to try.

YOLO, right?

Enter Hinterhof Beer Garden and German Kitchen, located right here in the heart of L.A., and my old stomping grounds, Highland Park. I should note Highland Park is becoming known for its vegan food choices so I’ll be reviewing more restaurants.

Let’s talk about the decor. When you enter the restaurant, you walk through the open patio, that’s surprisingly cozy despite being outside. Heated lamps and comfortable tables and chairs outline it. Inside the restaurant, there aren’t any booths or private tables, but think hipster chow hall.

Yes, hipster chow hall.

Let’s start off with appetizers. I got the pretzel with mustard. I’m not a mustard fan but I was curious how pretzels would taste with mustard (I usually eat them with cheese). This was an amazing pretzel. It was baked just right, not too greasy, and most importantly, not too salty. The mustard had the right amount of tang to it.

My hubby got the soup du jour and it was a tomato soup. That was really, really good as well. Nice and creamy, not too tangy.

So, let’s go to the entrees. I got the breaded seitan cutlet with mashed potatoes and red cabbage. First, this was a really big serving. The next time I go there, I’ll get one plate to share because it’s that huge. The cutlet was cooked just perfectly and it didn’t lack any flavor or seasoning.


We shared the apple strudel with coconut ice cream for dessert and it was so delicious.

In terms of drinks, I had the AfriCola, which is the German equivalent to Mexi-Cola. Just pure sugar and no high fructose corn syrup. My hubby had one of the German beers and he really liked it.


I totally, totally recommend it if you’re in the L.A. area!