This Is Why You Need a Diffuser Like Yesterday

For Christmas, Santa Bae gave me a diffuser. As I’ve been trying to not rely on air fresheners and the like so much, I’ve been trying to figure out more useful ways to freshen the home without speeding up my death by adding so many chemicals, gasping for air, and not wanting my home to be a sterile as a hospital.

And omgggg, I’m so dramatic.


Now I’m a fan of essential oils. I’m not super extreme thinking they can cure cancer, but I also know if I want to freshen up the home I can rely on them.

On my Pinterest blog, I’ve discovered a whole lot (and you haven’t followed me on there, you should! I’m super kitschy!) of different ways to smellify (why yes, I did just make up that word) my home and make it a haven, not a hell.

I’m sure my husband super appreciates that as well.

The diffuser I chose didn’t cost that much and it works great since I’ve been using it on a daily basis. While they are some pretty pricey diffusers (and some relatively cheap ones like the one I have), I do suggest you do your research.

Honestly, I don’t see why anyone would spend $40, $50, or $60 on a diffuser when it does the same thing as a $15 one, but to each their own.


So, here’s a link to the various diffuser blends I’ve tried and going to try.  But here are my new personal favorites:


I’m actually burning this one right now. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I do feel I can do a lot more.


I get terrible allergies and I really don’t want to rely on medicines if I can’t help it. This does give me a lot of relief.


Goodbye, Brain Fog is similar to the Think Clearly one in terms of they do the same thing. As you notice the Brain Fog has more oils to it. It still smells great!


I’m still not sure if this one actually works, however, when I did try it, I was able to breath better (I think it was due to the eucalyptus), so maybe it did?


You’re probably wondering how the diffuser blends are working with Bear in the home, and he loves them. He personally loves to put the oils in and turn on the diffuser to different colors.

I tend to use the calming ones more because Bear is so full of energy and sometimes he needs to chill for a bit.  I’ve tried all of these and they’re amazing.

What are your favorite diffuser blends?



Children’s Books – Black History Month Edition

In celebration of Black History Month (or BHM as I might refer to it this moment on), I’m going to showcase some recent books we either own or have read lately that featured prominent black characters or were written by black authors.

First up, my favorite children’s book of all time:


The Snowy Day is about a young boy named Jack and his adventures with snow. It’s a book I read as a child and I’m so proud to share it with Bear now. To purchase, click here.


Now, I wouldn’t really consider Corduroy to be a book geared towards black children, however, the main human character is a black girl so I thought this would’ve been a nice addition to feature. It’s a story about a bear who hopes someone will take him home, but he has a bit of an adventure at the store he is at. To purchase, click here.


I literally just read this book to Bear last night! This is a story about a woman who shares the story of how her family migrated to New York City from the South, and the many uses the family rope had undergone. To purchase, click here.


This is written by famed author Toni Morrison and her son, Slade. It’s about a Nana who’s not your typical Nana. Not only does she play and have fun with her grand babies, but they also make some really dope peeny butter fudge in the process. To purchase, click here.


And finally, Back of the Bus shares an unique perspective of a young boy sitting on the back of the bus when Rosa Parks was arrested. I think this is a great book to tell if you want to share the story of Rosa Parks but in a way where a child can understand it. To purchase, click here.

I should note, all of these books are available at the local library so please patronize them.

Happy Black History Month, family!


Why The Brain Train Adventure Game Is Kinda Dope


b0a066_5cd65ed8231d4a21b4e91b778be94bc0~mv2.gifBear loves his apps. And just maybe, I let him be on his games and apps a bit too much as I work around the house and catch up with other things. However, while my son is obsessed with all things Roblox and Minecraft, I do try to get him to do educational apps.

But let’s face it – while ABCmouse is awesome, and some kid-friendly YouTube videos are cool, sometimes Bear needs to think outside of the box. He’s a kid that needs to be challenged a little as he learns.


Recently, I was approached by Dr. Caleb Leong, the creator of The Brain Train Adventure game app. First, let me tell you – Caleb has great energy! He’s like that kids’ soccer coach who gets the kids pumped up and by association, you get pumped up as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s actually a soccer coach in real life. But I digress.

(I really suggest, btw, to click on Caleb’s video. He has some important information I think every parent wants to hear on how they can help with his kickstarter and how it will ultimately benefit them and their community.)

So, I’m looking at the app, okay? At first, I was like, ‘Oh okay, another kids’ educational app. They’re a dime a dozen nowadays!’ But then I started looking more into the app itself and I kinda want to say it’s Montessori on an intense fitness plan that resembles a professional athlete’s body.


Something like that.

Not only could your child choose to read on their own or have the adventure be read to them (I love this part because it reminds me of a function Bear has in his Kindle Fire) but there are little tidbits and facts so he can learn as he plays.

For example, I didn’t know mountain goats are not just regular goats.

I’m a visual type of gal and I need all the visuals I can get to understand something. Check out this YouTube video about the app:

So, why am I hyping this app up since it’s not currently available? Well, it will be and I want you to be a part of it.

Click on the kickstarter and donate however much you can. Now, here’s the kicker (oh, I made a punny!): the donating level starts super, super low. I mean, $2. That’s less than my beloved Iced Caramel Macchiatos I get at Starbucks.. And you can go as high as you want.

I know a lot of people  complain about how they would like to donate but they just don’t have the funds but come on…two dollars?? Everyone has two dollars.


And plus, with all of the super cool perks they’re offering, it’s really a good deal! For those who want to humblebrag, you have the option of your name being included in the credits. For those who just want to support a fantastic idea, you can donate any amount.

I personally think it’s an awesome idea and I really can’t wait for the product to become available. Bear has already expressed interest in it and I hope this will be an added source to his many educational activities. 🙂

For more information on ThinkofMagic Studios, click here.

My Interview with VoyageLA!

Shout-out to Mike Bhand, for being such a gracious host!

A snippet:

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc. – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
Actually, it has been mostly smooth with a few bumps. Because there aren’t that many black mom bloggers, I am able to stand out. There is still a need to be recognized, however, and some people want the follow back for the numbers. They couldn’t care what you do. That’s an ongoing issue. A lot of the women bloggers want the numbers, but they don’t care about the interaction.

Please tell us more about your work, what you are currently focused on and most proud of.
I’m known as blussianmommy, part of Meet the Blussians. So far, I love being a brand ambassador of my own (who can better hype you than you?). I did recently complete a yearlong ambassadorship (is that a word?) with Shea Moisture.

What sets me apart from others? Hmm… maybe that I’m a bit older than most mom bloggers so there’s the age thing. I also don’t sugarcoat a lot of what’s going on or how I feel. If I’m inappropriate, I am. If I’m right, I’m right. If I’m problematic, I own it. I don’t try to present one image of me when there’s so much more of me to that. I think too many people try to present themselves as just one thing when we’re all a little bit of everything.

To read the rest of my interview (and see pics of Maks and Bear), click here.


Choosing a Good School is so Elementary.

The current issue that is stressing us the fuck out plaguing our family right now is where to send Bear to elementary school. We’re not talking for a year. We’re talking something he’ll like for five years or more.

While we were assigned to a school, it’s not one that we want to send Bear to. The Great Schools rating is lower than hell, and some online reviews of said school have mentioned  bullying isn’t curbed. Not to mention, we don’t really want to send our child to a school that is predominantly any race for the fear of he would be bullied.

We lucked out with his preschool and how diverse it is. Bear has a Muslim best friend and a Latino one. He’s very friendly with children of other races and he’s not the only biracial child at the school. He has friends who have gay parents, parents of all socio-economic classes, and it was all love between us. I loved that school because everyone was celebrated and I hope our next child will be able to attend it.

Elementary school, however, is a different ball game.

We live in Pasadena, but we’re well within L.A. County. We also have the option of school choice, meaning we can send Bear to any school of our liking as long as we apply within the deadline, which is coming up very soon.

Once we decided we weren’t going to send Bear to the clusterfuck of not a great school near us, now it became a question of exactly where to send him. LA Unified is currently under strike and that is weighed heavily on our minds. Do we want to risk sending Bear to school when it was better off we homeschool him if there’s a strike?

Now, we do incorporate lessons at home. We’re subscribed to, and that has been a huge help. Maks is teaching Bear Ukrainian and I’m helping Bear with some Spanish lessons and perfecting his English.

Our home Spanish lesson plan.

We also do activities and Bear is learning how to write his name. The goal is for him to fully write his first and last name and do a little bit of math before he starts kindergarten in August.

We’re stuck between choosing an excellent public school that’s a few miles away, a private Quaker school that’s nearby, or charter/magnet school that’s also a bit of a distance.

The pressure is on this time because whatever school we choose, we want Bear there for the whole duration of said school, be it K-5 or K-8. These are friendships he will have forever. We also want him to have a quality education and not some teacher who will spend just a few seconds with Bear before they have to move onto the next student.

Decisions, decisions.

Honestly, we’ve been looking at elementary schools since Bear was born, LOL, but our recent move last year did put us into a tailspin. We already decided on one school, only for us to possibly for him not to attend it (it was close to us then but it’s a distance from us now).

I am confident we’ll choose a great school for Bear and that he’ll thrive in it. I think worrying is the worst part.

For the parents, what advice can you give us?