The Royal Wedding Gave Me All My Life!


I honestly I don’t care about royal weddings.

It’s not a race thing. I simply don’t care too much about royalty. I don’t care what causes they do, how many kids they have, or what fashion statements they make.

Nothing against royalty, but it’s like either you like them, or you don’t care. I don’t think I ever encountered anyone who’s hated them. I think the only time I was ever affected by royalty was the horrific death of Princess Diana, and that’s because I grew up knowing she was a princess. She was everywhere on my TV and print magazines, so when she died, I was sincerely heartbroken.


After the disastrous last week I had, plus two more school shootings just on Friday alone, I found myself interested in the royal wedding, just for some good news at the end of a horrible week.

Now Maks and I love our sleep, so there was no early bird waking up to watch. Instead, we set the DVR and woke up to watch it. We were in awe. Meghan looked absolutely gorge in her gown, which we love the simplicity and elegance of it. Harry looked very handsome in his suit of arms.

Given the fact Meghan was from L.A. and seeing how a L.A. girl is now a part of British royalty made me smile. As we watched some of the news coverage, the local high school Meghan attended, they had a sleepover with dozens of girls. The girls wore tiaras and drank hot chocolate as they watched the wedding in their pajamas and sleeping bags. One girl said seeing Meghan get married gave her hope that one day, she could leave L.A. and become great like her. I loved that.

And I just loved how black the ceremony was from the preacher, Michael Curry, to the gospel choir, and the new cellist that I just adore, Sheku Kanneh-Mason, I was in heaven.

I won’t get into a socio-political race discussion because in all honesty, it’s all about the love between two people in their mid-30’s and want to spend the rest of their lives with each other. That’s so beautiful and I hope it gives someone out there who is still looking for their own prince to not give up.

I wish the couple nothing but happiness.


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