Shea Moisture Curly Hair Demo!

Hey Fam,

I know it’s been about a minute since Bear and I have done one of these videos but hey, this was super fun to do! In this video, we used the vast majority of Shea Moisture products (as we are Shea Moisture brand ambassadors 2018).

We used the Coconut & Hibiscus Detangler, and the Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Cream. I washed Bear’s hair with the Fragrance-Free Shampoo & Body Wash and used Curly Kids (Not Shea Moisture) for a deep conditioning.

I like doing this videos not only to show how to care for your child’s curly hair but also if you have curly hair, it might help!

So, check out the video! Let me know what you think!


#SheaMoisture Product Review!


I received my latest Shea Moisture box. For those who are new to the blog, I’m a 2018 Shea Moisture Brand Ambassador so I’ll be reviewing a lot of Shea Moisture products.

I received the Mommy box a while back and I had to figure out if this was a box worth blogging about. Don’t get me wrong; I generally love Shea Moisture and I can say for certainty and without the brown-nosing aspect, 99% of their products are on point.

But with the Mommy box….well, I wasn’t sure.


It’s a box catered to moms for pampering, which I love. But do any of these work? Let’s go….


All Over Body Scrub


Now, the scrub is a low later body wash and boy, they weren’t kidding when they said low lather. I think they meant no-lather, but I digress. It does smell great, but does it work?

On a loofah, hell no, it didn’t. On a scrubbing brush, yes, actually.

I wasn’t a fan of the scrub at first but then it occurred to me I was using it on the wrong tool. Once I switched from the loofah to the brush, it worked like a charm but that was because of the brush itself. The shower scrub isn’t anything by itself.

Bottom Line: If you buy this, make sure you have a great scrubbing brush to go along with it. Bonus: use it on your feet or hands for manis and pedis action! 

Next up: The Massage Lotion.


I really love the massage lotion. It’s super thick and it smells great. It’s a nice, light floral with a touch of nutty goodness scent that’s perfect for spring and summer. It’s not heavy at all, and it kept my skin feeling soft and supple all day.

What I didn’t love about it was how impossible it was to get out of the bottle! Seriously, Shea Moisture, y’all need a new bottle for this.


Bottom Line: Great lotion but it really needs a new bottle.

Last: Stretch Mark Intensive Repair Oil


I loved this oil, though I have some reservations. I’m not entirely sure if it works, but I will say the skin around my tiger stripes did feel a lot more moisturized. Now, I need to be clear: this isn’t something that will get rid of stretch marks, but it will make the area around the stretch marks not feel so hard and dry.

So, maybe it did work because it did what it was supposed to do?

Bottom Line: If you want your stretch marks gone, this isn’t the product for you. If you want them just moisturized and smell great at the same time, this works great!

Overall, it wasn’t a bad box but I do believe the others I’ve received before were better. I do recommend the light scrub for your feet and hands, however, because I think it works great for that purpose.


Product Review: Shea Moisture Baby Box


A few weeks I received my latest Shea Moisture box and I have to say I liked this box a bit more than other ones. Now, it’s not to say the other boxes weren’t great, but I felt this one was more catered to having a small child in my care, than a baby. I also found a lot of great uses for it as an adult!

Enough babbling, let’s review each product:


Raw Shea & Argan Oil Baby Wipes

Here’s a tip for the new mothers out there – you won’t stop using baby wipes when your kid is out of diapers. In fact, you won’t stop using wipes well, until forever, honestly, LOL.

I love these wipes because they’re not heavily scented nor are they so cheap and flimsy, they don’t do anything. Plus, they smell great!

Bottom Line: I recommend these joints.


Raw Shea & Argan Oil Baby Lotion

I like this lotion a lot because of the smell. I have a super sensitive nose (a permanent side effect of pregnancy) and I really can’t stand to wear or be around anything too heavy. This lotion is perfect because not only does it work wonders on my dry skin but it keeps it nice and supple. Bear loves it as well because it’s not too heavy on his skin and it doesn’t clog his nose with a fragrance he can’t shake.

Bottom Line: I recommend this for both babies and adults. I really think the mothers would love this!

Raw Shea Chamomile & Argan Oil All Purpose Diaper Ointment


You’re probably wondering how can I be using diaper cream still since Bear’s out of diapers? Well, there are other uses for it! I personally like using this as a temporary relief for my chapped lips (no, I don’t carry the whole thing. I put it on before I go to bed and a little goes a long way!).

I also use the ointment to treat scrapes and burns, as well as smooth my feet before I put socks on them (a not-so secret to keep your feet smooth), and my elbows. Try it!

Bottom Line: Even if you don’t have a baby, this is something you should have in your medicine cabinet.


Marshmallow Root & Blueberry Kids 2-in-1 Body Wash and Lotion

I’m going to keep it one hundred…I was a little confused on how something can be both a body wash and lotion at the same time. You see, I have dry skin otherwise known as being ashy in the black community. If I don’t lotion my feet, it looks like I was playing kickball with flour. I may be medium skin toned but trust, you can still see the Ashy Larry within me.


I tried it on Bear and it had a bit of lather. I personally like soaps/body washes with lather because one, I like to see the suds, but also two, I want to see the dirt coming off Bear in those suds.

This soap didn’t have any suds (after all, it is part-lotion) so my jury is still out on well it cleans. It smells wonderful and it has the right fragrance for sensitive noses for small and big alike.

Bottom Line: Not sure about this one personally, but try it if you want to do something different.

Overall, I liked this newest box. This was definitely my favorite out of the three so far.

What’s your favorite Shea Moisture product?


New Shea Moisture Box! #sheamom


It’s like Christmas in every box.

So, over the weekend, I recently received a new Shea Moisture box. As I did the last box, I  will do a full review of the contents inside with the pros and cons. Ready? Let’s go!


This Shea Moisture box was catered more to wellness and had a lot of products dedicated specifically for that. Bear just happened to be sick so this box was right on time! Let’s go over each one by one:


Eucalyptus and African Water Mint wash and bubble bath.

I really like it because it’s nice and light. It’s not overpowering and it has the nice touch of eucalyptus and mint that’s perfect for the baby’s nose. I know Bear felt a lot better after a nice hot bath with this.

Pros: Easy on the nose.

Cons: It might be too easy on the nose for adults.

Bottom Line: I recommend it for babies. If you have a sensitive nose, it might be perfect for you as an adult.


Eucalyptus and African Water Mint Lotion

Just like with the accompanying bubble bath and wash, it also has a nice fragrance. The plus about this lotion is it’s thick, but not too heavy. It was perfect on my dry skin and Bear had no complaints at all.

Pros: A little goes a long way. It’s not as thick as a butter but it’s much thicker than regular lotion.

Cons: You might squeeze out too much by accident, hence the above tip.

Bottom Line: I do recommend this lotion! Buy it!


Eucalyptus and African Water Mint Baby Chest Rub

This is supposed to be a friendlier, child version of the widely-popular Vicks Chest Rub. While I can’t say for sure it helped Bear breathe better, he had no complaints when I put it on his chest and back.

I have to say, however, because this is just as light as the above body wash and lotion, you may not know for sure it’s working.

Pros: Goes on relatively easy with no sticky residue.

Cons: Not sure if it actually works.

Bottom Line: Buyer Beware. I can’t say for sure if this works.

Now something strictly for the adults…keep on scrollin’, Mom and Dad.


Eucalyptus Essential Oil

I love me some essential oils. I love them so much I actually considered creating my own body care line (still debating on doing that). So, I was super jazzed about opening this gem.

Despite how light the other products were, this eucalyptus oil is the real deal. Your senses will thank you! It makes the entire home smell just wonderful and ugh…I wish they actually sent more of this.

Pros: Not light at all, very fragrant, smells wonderful.

Cons: It might be too heavy on your nose. Not for child use.

Bottom Line: If you love essential oils, pick this one up!


African Water Mint & Ginger Bath Sugar Cubes

I don’t have a bathtub so I can’t do this review in terms of a bathtub experience. I can, however, do this review in terms of using these sugar cubes of giving myself a mani and pedi.

The cubes are strongly-scented. In other words, you open the jar and your nose will get a whiff of goodness. In water, the cubes dissolve very quickly with a fuzzy feeling over your toes (especially, OMG, on your toes!).

After soaking them for about ten minutes, you can do your usual scrub and then use the body lotion on the toes. For an extra bonus, wear socks for a bit so your feet can feel every softer.

Pros: Great smell, and has multiple uses other than bath.

Cons: Might be too strong for your nose.

Bottom Line: I do recommend these cubes!



I also received some swag! A towel to help dry off my feet and a t-shirt!



What’s your favorite Shea Moisture product?

Product Review: Shea Moisture box! #sheamom #sheabassdor #sheamoisture

Today, I’m doing an entire product review of the entire contents of the Shea Moisture box I received from them. I’ll speak from a mom’s perspective but also from my personal one since I also used the same products on me!


Disclaimer: I am a Shea Moisture Ambassador, so I’m giving honest reviews of this box, regardless of how awesome they are (or how much they suck. I keeps it real.).

Last week, Bear and I received our first Shea Moisture box and it had a lot of great stuff in it. At first I was concerned because the products were tailored to babies and Bear’s a preschooler. I decided to go ‘head and try it out on him and me as well! This product review is different because I’m going to do a quick write-up of each individual product. For the hair products, I have Type 4 hair. Bear has Type 3 hair, so keep that in mind.

Let’s go!

First up: the baby wash and shampoo.

I really liked this one because it was nice and fragrant. I normally don’t use the same wash for the body and hair but Bear seemed to love it. He even said how he liked how he smelled!

In terms of the shampoo for me, it lathered very well, with no residue.

Bottom Line: I do recommend for adults and kids!

The blueberries and marshmallow root detangler and leave-in (blue label).

OMG. Can I tell you have much I love this joint??? This is probably my new favorite detangler and that’s a hard sell to me with my coils! It has a lot of slip and detangling Bear’s hair was a breeze!


Look at those curls!




2nd day curls. Annnnnnnnnd, you probably needed to see a four year old with a puppy right now.

So yeah, that’s nice but what about Mommy?


It made my curls pop! The detangler, I found, I didn’t have to use a lot of it since it was also a leave-in conditioner. And OMG, it smelled so good! (Yes, I took out my braids but never fear, they’re coming back soon! And a different color!)

Bottom Line: Highly recommend! Even if you don’t have kids, use this on yo self! Treat yo self!

Body Lotion:

Bear liked it and I did. I didn’t find it moisturized my body as well as other lotions I’ve used. I also have super dry skin so the thicker the lotion the better for me. But for a child, I thought the body lotion was suitable.

Bottom Line: Great for kids, but mileage may vary for adults.

Baby Oil:

I didn’t try it on Bear because I wasn’t sure how his skin would respond to it. (I’m still trying to figure out his allergens.) However, I tried it and my skin loved it! It loved it like a hungry man at a buffet.

Bottom Line: Great for adults, but mileage may vary for kids.

Milk bath:

The only product I didn’t review because we don’t have a bathtub. However, I plan to give this to a friend who does a have bathtub and see if it’s suitable. I’ll report back!

The rattler:

It’s cute! LOL. I can’t say too much because I obviously don’t have a newborn or infant. I do plan to give that to Bear’s godmother who’s due any day now.

Overall, it was a great first box! I’m really happy with it overall.

If you have the Shea Moisture box, what did you like? What other Shea Moisture products have you tried?