Vegan Side Dish – Sautéed Red Chard

Sometimes, it’s hard to eat your veggies when you simply don’t have time to prepare them. While I have been at fault for buying ready-made veggie sides (and really, there’s nothing wrong with that because you’re still getting your vegetables), I really prefer to use fresh whenever I can.

We were introduced to red chard many years ago when our then-next door neighbor had leftovers of a food delivery service and all of this red chard. We never heard of red chard up until then. We were curious and since I was still relatively new at cooking, I had no idea what to do with it.

I personally love this red chard recipe, but there’s always a new way to cook anything! And sometimes, you don’t have everything on hand and you just want something quick and easy.


How beautiful are those babies? I just love how vibrant the colors are. Always eat your colors! The more colors, the better!

Red chard is a part of the beet family, which is why it looks so similar to beets. But it’s not just a pretty face; it also has a chalkful of healthy stuff that will make your tum-tum very happy.


I chopped off the yucky parts of the stem but I always eat the red chard with the stems included. I like that it gives the chard an extra crunch.


I only added olive oil, sesame oil (I wanted a bit of a nuttier flavor), salt and pepper. Sautéed it for about 10 minutes and serve!


Not the most beautiful part of my dish but it doesn’t matter because it was freaking fabulous!

How do you like your red chard?


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