8 Years

It’s weird looking back at our wedding eight years ago. Originally I wanted to get married in San Francisco at City Hall. I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t stick to that plan. That was the original reason why I got married in my favorite color, purple, because I knew it would look great with the gold at S.F. City Hall.

But it didn’t happen.

No disappointments because I ultimately got what I wanted – a great marriage to a wonderful man. We’ve had our ups and downs like all marriages, so I’m not about to give marriage advice. I will say it’s easier to be married to your best friend, than to some person you’re not sure you recognize anymore.

Our anniversary this year was rather subdued. We’re almost out of our old apartment so we spent a good part of the weekend moving and cleaning. The next several weekends are pretty booked between Easter, birthday parties and a spontaneous wedding we were invited to in San Francisco (but not at city hall). We’ll have to figure out when to properly celebrate our wedding anniversary but for now, I’ll leave pictures:



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