Black History Gala Honoring My Dad

I really don’t talk about my family for a variety of reasons. Mainly because there isn’t that much to say. I’m the youngest of four, have two parents, and several nephews with one lone niece.

Over the weekend, my father was honored as a Civil Servant for the annual Black History Gala in Palm Springs, my hometown. My dad and I have had a very complicated relationship which I’ll talk about in a future blog post. It wasn’t all hate but it wasn’t all love.

Realizing life is just too precious and too short, sometimes it’s better to just forgive and be done with it, instead of holding onto unnecessary anger that will hinder my growth. It was nice to go and honor him for a brief time and see many other relatives and old friends.

My dad is a Vietnam War veteran, and he was a Mason, a member of the Kiwanis, and pretty much helped build all of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley. He was a commercial plumber for many years, building schools, hotels, and homes. He’s been married to my mother for almost 50 years.

Me and my siblings went up to accept my dad’s award for him and I spoke on everyone’s behalf.


The gala itself was…okay. It was good for what it’s worth but there is a lot of room for improvement. The food was very underwhelming and everyone at our tables left hungry.  But it’s not about the food of the gala itself, but rather, the honorees.

Copyright Maksim Ksenjak, @caliwinter

Doesn’t he look like he’s about to drop the coldest blues record of all time?

Copyright Maksim Ksenjak, @caliwinter

‘My parents. My mom is the only one that can pull off that blonde. I’ve tried and trust me, it was fugly on me.

Copyright Maksim Ksenjak, @caliwinter

My dad with Bear and my youngest nephew, Kaiden.


Most of the men in the immediate family. Missing was Bear and my nephews, Kaiden and Austin.


Me and my siblings. (I have to explain the Adidas – this picture was taken after the gala had ended so I slipped back into my comfortable shoes and out of my Betsey Johnsons)


My brothers and three of my five nephews. My nephews are over six feet tall, with the tallest one at 6’6.


My oldest brother, Hasan,  and his lady love, Patty.


And some behind the scenes with the hubby. This is what marriage looks like, y’all.

So overall, it was a nice event. I had a good time and it was nice for all of the siblings to get together since we have busy schedules and don’t live in the same city. Fun times!


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