Vegan Restaurant Review – Kitchen Mouse Los Angeles, CA

I decide to switch up the vegan posts a little but venturing outside of my comfort zone and going to a vegan restaurant. I’ve been to vegan restaurants before and I’ve enjoyed them. However, vegan restaurants can often be a hit or miss. Some have their flavoring down to a science and some should pick up a seasoning book, but I digress.

So, I’ve heard a lot about one of the local vegan spots in my neighborhood, Kitchen Mouse. I have to say, for my first (but not only) visit there, I was rather impressed. It feels like someone’s kitchen when you walk inside. There’s a feeling of sitting around the breakfast nook, enjoying coffee or tea, while you breathe in and out in your yoga pants finest.


See? Cozy.

If you look closely at the picture, to the bottom left is a Serve Yo’ Self station (no, it’s not called that but I nicknamed it). You can get water, condiments for your tea and coffee, and utensils. They have servers to bring out the food.

I have to note, while this picture does make the restaurant seem empty, it was actually quite busy!


My table was simple – fresh flowers on the table, and just overall yummy coziness. I chose two chocolate chip coconut cookies for dessert and they were delish!


This picture is sideways for a reason because I couldn’t put the whole platter horizontally without maneuvering myself (too hungry and quite lazy).

But it doesn’t matter because that food was devoured, yo!


That food was good AF, y’all! Them white people knew how to SEASON! Hallejulah!


So, let’s walk it back…

Great food: If you’re in the L.A. area, it’s a must try for vegan food. Even if you’re not vegan, you will enjoy the shit out of this. 

Downside – good AF but also expensive AF. Cookies, iced tea, and vegan chilaquiles (with an added $4 for the tofu scramble) came out to be $27, including tip. Yes. My lunch was almost $30. Since I had a lot leftover, my husband ate the rest of it so the price wasn’t too bad.

It’s a definite splurge deal every once in a while and not something feasible to have on a daily (or weekly) basis. However, just because it’s a splurge, it doesn’t mean you should miss out. It’s definitely one of my favorite restaurants now.

If you’ve been to Kitchen Mouse, what did you think?


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