How Badly Do I Really Need A FB Page?


It’s something I’ve been going back and forth for about a year now. Honestly, when I started this little blog about four years ago, it was just to document my pregnancy with Bear, struggling with my loss of Ethan, giving details to my cerclage, and highlighting life – both good and bad.

I opened up my personal IG to be public, created a YouTube channel (that I’m still ignoring but I promise I will update), and now I’m thinking…should I take this to the next level?


Now, it’s not like I don’t like Facebook. It’s actually quite useful. I’m in contact with many friends and family and I keep up to date on people I like and care about (because I don’t care about people I don’t like).

So, seeing so many Mommy bloggers have Facebook pages, I wonder…should I do one as well?

I created one but that was about as far as my creativity went. I haven’t added any photos or linked it to anywhere. I guess a part of me is wondering if it’s really necessary. I’m still trying to figure out my overall purpose and honestly, I don’t have one.


I like having fun with this. I love interacting and chatting with fellow mom bloggers and other influencers. I get political at times, but I’m silly for the most part.

So I don’t know…to my fellow mom bloggers, do you have a Facebook page? If so, how do you like it? If not, why did you decide against it?


I end this post by highlighting the super-tight fade I received at The Truth LA barbershop from Noah Israel. Photography by bae, @caliwinter.




4 thoughts on “How Badly Do I Really Need A FB Page?

  1. I just created an FB page because some sponsors require that I have one. In my country, the PR people are big on bloggers with FB pages, so it’s a choice that I needed to make.
    There’s a learning curve involved, of course, and the set-up will eat up your time especially if you’re not that techy/geeky.

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  2. First of all: adorable picture!

    I have a facebook page and I’m not really a fan. I feel like the app layout for page admin is pretty clunky. And on top of that, your page is still very much at the mercy of the facebook algorithm. So if my page puts something up that doesn’t get enough engagement, even those who have “liked” the page may not even see it.

    They say Facebook is the hub of all social media in regards to outreach. But to be honest, I’m having more success with Twitter Ads and getting people to my blog.


    1. After posting this, I had to dig into my numbers (examing this past month) Facebook actually comes through the most on views for me. I don’t know if that’s via the Nacho Average Ma page or my own person facebook page. I’m looking into incorporating google analytics for clear numbers


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