A Semi-Single Mom For Now

Don’t be alarmed. We’re not getting divorced nor are we separated.

Now that you’ve calmed down (and hopefully you’ve stopped sharpening your pitchfork at me), let me explain: Maks is traveling to Ukraine for the next two weeks. Therefore, I’ll be taking on duties as Mommy and Daddy.

Interesting times.


My husband provides tremendously for the family – bills, rent, and even some of my bills are paid because of him. He pays for everything, while I do the heavy lifting around the house in terms of cooking, cleaning, and raising Bear (and Sushi!).

Yet, it’s only when my husband is not here I realize how much of the work he actually does at home. You see, we don’t have roles between us. In the course of our relationship, we’ve had fluid roles – sometimes I was the breadwinner, sometimes he was the chef and maid.

When Bear arrived, our roles changed but I’m not a typical SAHM. I work from home and to raise a child, run a household, and have a career (while contemplating starting another), can be quite exhausting. Whenever I have a book release or another project, Maks picks up the slack and does everything to ensure I stay focus on my work.

Now he’s not here and it’s a bit…weird.


I’m used to Maks being gone during the day because of his career. It’s late at night when it’s just me and Bear in our family bed that I realize, ‘Hey, we’re missing somebody.’ And it’s a weird feeling.

These upcoming two weeks will be the longest I’ve ever gone not seeing Maks in the course of our entire relationship and it’s new to me. At first I was daunted by it – would I be okay? Would Bear be okay? Could I handle doing everything Maks does?

Right now, it’s Day 3 of Maks’s trip and so far, so good. I’ve been catching up on housework, finally using my planner, and most importantly, been keeping Bear busy. We just enrolled him into a soccer clinic and well, for a three-year-old, it’ll go as well as you would expect, LOL. But he’s having fun and that’s all that matters!

I have to admit, on the real, this experiment of Maks being gone has made me appreciate what actual single mothers go through on a regular basis. They’re the Mommy, Daddy, Provider, Chef, Chauffeur, Maid, Disciplinarian, Mechanic, Cat-Wrangler, Snuggles-Thief, Hair Pats and Back Rubs experts. I salute you!

Here are some photos from Bear’s first soccer clinic yesterday. Even though it was a struggle to get him to play, when he did, he had a blast!


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